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How to Make the Most of a Snow Day

This week you may have noticed the white stuff falling from the sky. While not overly common in the Portland area, snow does happen once or twice a year. When schools get canceled and you can’t make... Continue Reading »

Buyers who aren’t paying cash for a house aren’t necessarily out of luck. Here’s how you can gain an edge over cash buyers.

Buyers who aren't paying cash for a house aren't necessarily out of luck. Here's how you can gain an edge over cash buyers. Buyers making a cash offer on a house are active in many markets, and the... Continue Reading »

The Oregon Coast towns you want to know about

It’s mid February and we’re starting to get a little stir crazy. We are dreaming of the warm sunshine and outdoor adventures waiting for us a few months away. To assist in dreaming up those su... Continue Reading »

The Love-Hate Relationship All Owners Have With Their Home, Revealed

    Owning a home is more than just a commitment—it's a full-blooded relationship. And, much like the relationship you have with your spouse, kids, or others you choose to surround yourself ... Continue Reading »

Small-Time Real Estate Investors Team Up for Big-Time Profits

Real estate investor Maureen Wiener usually goes it alone when buying, renovating, and reselling homes in northern New Jersey.   “It’s about control,"  says Wiener, of Franklin Lak... Continue Reading »

Portland Valentine’s Spots Perfect for You

Everyone has a different idea of what makes a perfect Valentine's Day. Luckily the Portland metro area has something for everyone. For the couple that wants a dose of romance: For an evening... Continue Reading »

Home Sellers Are Really Cashing In These Days

Kenishirotie/iStock Home sellers had it good at the end of last year, racking up profits they hadn't seen in more than a decade, a new report finds.   In the last quarter of 2017, se... Continue Reading »

Get To Know Portland’s Nearby Destinations

If you’re new to the PDX region, it might be nice to have a frame of reference for certain locations in the great PNW. That way you can keep up with your co-workers stories about their weekend trips... Continue Reading »

More Americans Are Living With People Who Are Not Their Family

Alice S. Hall/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images   Blanche Devereaux was ahead of her time.   A growing number of adults are living with other adults with whom they are not... Continue Reading »

Everything You Need to Know About Portland ADU’s

  IMAGE: LEO ZAROSINKSI Mother-in-law studio. Man shack. Rentable pied-à-terre. Granny flat. Whatever one calls the accessory dwelling unit, the twee bungalettes are blooming across to... Continue Reading »

3 Weird Things You Can Ignore When Home Shopping

Ugly paint colors? Treadmill in the kitchen? Creepy family portraits in every room? Don't let it bug you. In 15 years of real estate, I can honestly say that I’ve seen it all. Toilet seats up in ... Continue Reading »

3 Reasons Why a Real Estate Agent Is a House Flipper’s Best Friend

Renovate your concept of flipping a home by teaming up with a real estate agent. Flipping houses isn’t just about visualizing how to change a home; it’s also about being able to actually sell t... Continue Reading »

How to Win Over Your Neighbors During a Renovation

  Sharing your plans with neighbors in person is an effective way to address any concerns head on.   Phase one of any major construction project? Get the neighbors on your side. H... Continue Reading »

7 Small Home Flaws That Can Be Big Deals for Buyers

After living in the same home for a while, it's amazing what you can get used to. A creaky floorboard, for instance. A chipped tile that you've been meaning to replace but haven't gotten around to... Continue Reading »

How to Sell a House in 2018: 5 Tips to Get the Edge This Year

If you want to know how to sell a house in 2018, face the facts: It's a new year, and that brings a new breed of home buyers to your front door. Knowing who these buyers are—as well as what they... Continue Reading »

8 Surprising Ways Your Neighbors Can Actually Help You Save Money

Nearly 30% of Americans don’t know their neighbor’s first name, according to a 2017 survey by home security company Safe Home. That’s a shame! Especially since being friendly with those ... Continue Reading »

6 Home Maintenance Tasks You May Not Even Realize You Have to Do

Home maintenance and ownership go hand in hand, so you're no doubt aware that there's plenty you should be doing (hello, gutter cleaning!). Sorry to lengthen your to-do list, but we thought you sh... Continue Reading »

Millennials and Silent Generation Drive Desire for Walkable Communities

  It is no longer just millennials propelling interest in walkable communities. According to a new report from the National Association of Realtors®, members of the silent or greatest generat... Continue Reading »

The 3 Best Reasons to Buy a Home in 2018

Figuring out when to plunge into the real estate market can be quite intimidating—especially when prices are high, choices are limited, and history urges restraint.   "We’ve seen tw... Continue Reading »

What Is ‘House Poor’? What It Means, and Whether You’re at Risk

What is "house poor"? This phrase describes home buyers who've purchased property they can't easily afford—and are now paying the price, as it were.   “If you can’t spend your inc... Continue Reading »

Don’t Put a Freeze on Home Maintenance! Your Handy Winter Checklist Is Here

Ah, January. The time of new beginnings, new resolutions, and, in most of the country, a seemingly endless stretch of cold and gloom. We get it: You just want to hibernate, catch up on "The... Continue Reading »

What Is Procuring Cause? How It Helps Determine Commission for Real Estate Agents

The procuring cause helps real estate agents and buyers figure out who will receive the commission on a house sale. It typically comes into play when a buyer purchases a house he saw with two diff... Continue Reading »

4 Chilling Revelations You’ll Have Moving During the Dead of Winter

Moving is hard, moving cross-country even harder. Moving cross-country during the dead of winter? That, friends, is a feat I hope you never have to endure. Because I did, and I barely survived. ... Continue Reading »

3 Ways to Prevent Costly Wear and Tear

The winter season brings more foot traffic, which can be risky on a home—holiday parties, family gatherings and even open houses in the winter can bring tears and marks on the floors. How do you pre... Continue Reading »

First-time homebuyers suddenly flood housing market

First time homebuyer demand surged to its highest level in 17 years during the third quarter of 2017, according to the First-Time Homebuyer Market Report from Genworth Mortgage Insurance, an o... Continue Reading »

Portland Holiday Events all Newbies Should Know About

If you are new to Portland this holiday season, you may not know all that we have to offer in the way of events and holiday cheer. Here are a few of our traditions you should definitely know about. ... Continue Reading »

If You Inherit a House and Sell It, How Are the Profits Taxed?

If you sell your house and make a profit, you must pay capital gains tax—so does the same rule apply when you inherit a house from a deceased relative? The truth is that inheriting property can ... Continue Reading »

Buyer And Seller Advisory Regarding Portland Energy Audits

Portland Metropolitan Association of REALTORS® (PMAR)   This Advisory summarizes the recently implemented rules for Portland’s Home Energy Score program (hereinafter, “the Program”). T... Continue Reading »

How to Sell a House to a Family Member: Tax Implications and Experts You Should Hire

If you're wondering how to sell a house to a family member, first, a bit of congratulations are in order. You've found a buyer! The most strenuous part of the home-selling process is already over.... Continue Reading »

How Long Does It Take to Build a House?

How long does it take to build a house? It's a question often posed by people looking to buy an idyllic piece of land so they can construct their dream home from the ground up. If this describes y... Continue Reading »

The Secret to No-Fuss Holiday Decor? Use What You Already Have

Holiday decorating can be as simple as dusting off your flower vases, unrolling a spool of burlap and polishing your silver. Hold your holiday decor horses! Before you purchase gobs of tinsel and pil... Continue Reading »

PDX Places to Find Unique and Creative Gifts for Your Holiday Shopping

So you live in the Portland metro area and the season of holiday shopping is upon us. If you don’t feel like braving the crowded big name stores and chaos of shopping center parking lots, here a... Continue Reading »

6 Ho-Ho-Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in December

So you've finished the last of those turkey leftovers and just about thrown in the towel on your workout regimen until some undefined time after the first of the year. (We get it— the holiday party ... Continue Reading »

These Real Estate Trends Will Be Game-Changers in 2018

We’re almost there: the long-awaited home stretch of 2017. And quite a year it's been! Already, we can’t help imagining what developments next year might bring to the wild world of U.S. real e... Continue Reading »

The Fastest Way to Save for a House

Once you’ve decided it’s time to buy your own home, saving for that 20% down payment is step one toward doing it. Instead of waiting years, here are six ways to help you save up for that down ... Continue Reading »

5 Holiday Splurges to Avoid If You Hope to Sell Your Home Next Year

The holidays are officially here—and while  merrymaking and gift shopping are likely top of mind, you may have to keep some of those celebratory urges in check if you're planning to sell your... Continue Reading »

What Happens If I Have a Lien on My House?

"What happens if I have a lien on my house?" is a question you might face when it comes time to sell your place. Basically, it means that before this transaction can go through, you'll have to dea... Continue Reading »

New home construction increases to meet rising demand

But increase could be temporary The construction of new homes increased in October to meet the rising homebuyer demand, according to the latest report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the U.S. Dep... Continue Reading »

To Go Thanksgiving Ideas

How do the holidays sneak up on us every year? Whether you are simply too busy to cook, can’t get away to see family, or just need a year off from preparing food, here a few favorite local places to... Continue Reading »

Is It OK to Real Estate-Stalk Your Friends and Family?

Ever wonder how much some people paid for a house, but were too shy to ask them outright? Then it might be tempting to delve into real estate stalking—the simple and fun practice where you type ... Continue Reading »

What You Need to Know About Buying a Home This Winter

Planning on buying in the off-season? Arm yourself with strategies from the pros.   Rainy open houses and icy walkways make shopping for a home in winter less of a thrill than in the busy spr... Continue Reading »

How to Sell a Home With Two Mortgages

If you've tapped the lender well twice and hold two mortgages on one house, you might think selling that house will be a challenge. After all, having two mortgages doesn't mean you owe more on the... Continue Reading »

5 Home Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2018

Fresh trends spotted at High Point Market Fall 2017: florals, dramatic colors and textures, too! Twice a year, true interior design magic happens when the industry gathers in North Carolina for High ... Continue Reading »

Why You Should Still Talk to a Lender Even If You’re Not Ready to Buy a Home

If you’re a first-time home buyer, you might think you’re not ready to purchase a house. Perhaps you’re concerned about your job situation, your previous credit history, or your high monthly... Continue Reading »

Read this before getting a reverse mortgage

Changes announced by HUD could change the calculus of whether these loans make sense for certain borrowers Seniors need to get a clearer picture of the pros and cons of getting a reverse mortgage o... Continue Reading »

6 Home-Selling Negotiation Strategies That Can Backfire

When you're selling your home, you might imagine you hold all the cards. And you do—sort of. But it's easy to become overconfident in a seller's market. If  you don't do a reality check, pronto... Continue Reading »

Who’s Buying Homes, Who’s Selling—and Who’s Not?

With soaring rental prices, extremely low mortgage rates, and a stronger economy, it seems that just about everyone wants to buy a home these days. But high home prices are keeping many aspiring h... Continue Reading »

Local Portland Tea Shops to Warm You Up This Fall

Leaves have changed, the rain has started, the heaters have clicked on- it is officially fall and the season of warm beverages has begun! True, coffee shops are on about every other corner these d... Continue Reading »

Should You Find a Home Inspector or Go With Your Real Estate Agent’s Recommendation?

You've trusted your real estate agent's advice throughout the home-buying process, but should you also rely on her to find a home inspector, too? Your agent likely has a list of thorough and quali... Continue Reading »

9 Ugly Painting Mistakes You’ll Come to Regret

KatarzynaBialasiewicz/iStock To a new homeowner, painting rooms might seem like the ultimate dream. After years of renting white walls that weren't yours to alter even a smidge, you finally... Continue Reading »

Why Fewer New Homes Are on the Horizon Despite the Housing Shortage

In spite of all the house hunters out there clamoring for homes to buy, there won't be a surge in the number of newly constructed abodes hitting the market anytime soon.   Builders rece... Continue Reading »

Should You Go Big With Your First House or Stick to a Starter Home?

For a majority of people, buying your first home is financially daunting. Beyond the paperwork and negotiating, there’s that big mortgage looming. Taking on such a substantial financial responsi... Continue Reading »

Upcoming Halloween Events around Portland to embrace the Holiday Spirit

Oregon City: Fantasy Trail   If you are in the mood for Halloween lights, decorations, and spooky settings, this is an ideal option for date night or family fun. Open every night betwee... Continue Reading »

Top Amenities for Relocating Baby Boomers

Baby boomers say they want to move to a home that has a multicar garage and that’s near their grandchildren, according to the latest Del Webb Baby Boomer Survey, sponsored by national home builder P... Continue Reading »

Do Home Seekers Need to Sign a Contract to Tour Homes?

It's human nature for folks to want to sneak a peek at their neighbor's open house—even if they're not truly home seekers looking to buy. Trust us, stopping by to grab a cookie and gawk is somet... Continue Reading »

Tune Up Your Open House: How to Use Music to Sell Your Home

  Tom Hignite, owner of Miracle HomeBuilders in suburban Milwaukee, is a firm believer in the power of music—so much that he cranks up the volume at open houses and tours.   But... Continue Reading »

Can Halloween Help You Sell Your House? 3 Spooky Sales Tricks to Try Right Now

Halloween isn't just an opportunity to gorge on all things frightful or filled with sugar. It's also a chance for home sellers to scare up a buyer!   Because these days, home sellers ne... Continue Reading »

How Hard Is It to Add a Bathroom?

“I love sharing a bathroom with my whole family,” said no homeowner ever. Learn how to add a bathroom and keep the peace. f your home was built before 1970, you likely have one bathroom for you... Continue Reading »

What Is a Transaction Fee and Who Pays It?

Of the many fees associated with buying a house, one that's often overlooked is the transaction fee. While it's not as pricey as the commission, the transaction fee is a notable chunk of change th... Continue Reading »

How to Get a Mortgage With No Credit: A Ray of Hope for ‘Invisibles’

Trying to buy a home with bad credit is hard. But what about trying to buy a home with no credit at all? There's a name for these people: "credit invisibles." It means they don't have a credit ... Continue Reading »

The Millennial Mortgage Problem: Down Payments and Expensive Cities

If you’re a millennial who’d like to buy a house before Beyoncé’s twins graduate from high school, then listen up.   The folks at Apartment List recently crunched the numbers sur... Continue Reading »

How to use Halloween to settle into your new family home

If you moved right at the end of summer, you are probably just now starting to catch your breath. Between inspections, closing costs, moving boxes, address changes, and school starting, how does one e... Continue Reading »

7 Red Flags That the Neighbors Could Drive You Insane

Nothing can turn the American dream of owning a home into a nightmare like bad neighbors. They might keep you up with raging late-night parties, or call the cops with a noise complaint when all yo... Continue Reading »

7 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in October

Ah, October. Temperatures are dropping, the days are growing shorter, and the pumpkin spice latte is, in a word, inescapable. But before you go hog wild with the Halloween decorations and settle in fo... Continue Reading »

If You Find Your Own Buyer, Will Your Real Estate Agent Take Less Commission?

Through some twist of fate, maybe you've found your own buyer without the help of your real estate agent. And now you finally have an offer in hand from a friend of a friend (of a friend?). Congra... Continue Reading »

When Does a Real Estate Contract Become Legal and Binding?

After a seller accepts a buyer's offer to purchase a property, it's time to make it official, in the form of a real estate contract. This document is one of the most important steps in the home-bu... Continue Reading »

Who Draws Up the Purchase Agreement for a Home That Is For Sale by Owner?

The seller's agent is typically the person who draws up a purchase agreement, but what happens if the home is for sale by owner (FSBO) and the seller isn't represented by a real estate agent at al... Continue Reading »

Why It’s a Better Time for Buyers on a Budget to Purchase a Home

  Those thinking about buying a home have probably heard all the tales of woe from other buyers out there: Sticker shock, getting outbid on the home of their dreams, or not being able to f... Continue Reading »

Why the Equifax Breach Might Make It Harder to Buy a Home—and What You Can Do

For years, security experts have been fearing "The Big One." Not terrorist incidents, bombs, or hurricanes—their warnings have been centered on cyberattacks. And now, one of the largest and pote... Continue Reading »

5 Hidden Moving Expenses That Could Jack Up Your Final Bill

AndreyPopov/iStock Moving expenses can quickly spiral if you don't watch out. And given that moving is already expensive ($1,170 for an in-state move on average, $5,630 for farther distan... Continue Reading »

How to Transition a Baby’s Bedroom Into a Big-Kid Room Effortlessly

Making way for your baby big girl’s or boy’s bed means it’s time for the crib to go (sob). And now that your baby’s older, the nursery could use an update, too. But transitio... Continue Reading »

5 Things Real Estate Agents Wish You Knew About Buying a House

Buying a house isn't like buying a Slim Jim at the corner bodega. Infinitely more money, thought, and prep work go into acquiring real estate—and given that it's not a purchase you make often, i... Continue Reading »

The skills you need for that sweat equity fixer you plan to reno

Welcome to your new fixer-upper.  Whether it’s your first home or first investment property, you likely have your work cut out for you. Here are some of the skillsets that are best to have before d... Continue Reading »

Buying Outdoor Furniture? 6 Embarrassing Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

allenmorrisphoto/iStock The vestiges of summer are fast slipping away, along with all those lazy afternoons and evenings spent lounging outside. But before you hermetically seal yourself ind... Continue Reading »

What to pay attention to before putting on offer on that fixer-upper

Fixer-uppers can be enticing for several reasons: lower sales price, potential for profitable resale, opportunity to remodel the house into your dream home, etc. However, taking on a fixer rarely come... Continue Reading »

Do You Need a Pre-Approval Letter to Tour a Home?

You know you need to get your ducks in a row before looking at homes, but does that include securing a pre-approval letter? The truth is, getting pre-approved can actually improve your chances of ... Continue Reading »

6 Home Renovations That Pamper Pets Beyond Compare

You know your pets are genuine members of the family when you start to think about renovating your house specifically to accommodate their needs. Of course you want your cat, dog, or any cri... Continue Reading »

7 Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Tackle in September

For most of the country, September signals the end of summer's dog days and a return to fuzzy sweaters, chilly evenings, and, of course, pumpkin spice everything (this is America, after all)... Continue Reading »

6 Questions First-Time Home Buyers Never Ask Themselves (but Really, Really Should)

There's a certain point in the lifecycle of renting where you say to yourself: I just can't do this anymore. Maybe it's the upstairs neighbors, who relentlessly stomp dance moves across thei... Continue Reading »

Is a Mortgage Pre-Approval Letter Necessary to Make an Offer on a House?

Is a mortgage pre-approval letter necessary to make an offer on a house? The short answer is no. However, if you want your offer to be taken seriously and to stand out from any competing bi... Continue Reading »

CFPB warns about dangers of taking out a reverse mortgage to delay Social Security

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued a warning to seniors this week, cautioning them that taking out a reverse mortgage in order to delay claiming Social Security benefits could b... Continue Reading »

The Living Room Moves Upstairs

One couple calls their second-floor living room the “healing chambers.” Another homeowner calls it the “feasting room.” Others refer to “pajama lounges.” Regardless of the name... Continue Reading »

How to Stay Relaxed through the Home Buying Process

Whether a first time buyer or a seasoned investor, buying a home can be a hectic and stressful time, especially in a strong seller’s market. See these tips for a little extra help on how to survive ... Continue Reading »

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Veteran and Military Home Buyers Make

Having a place to call your own—whether you’re going to be there for four years or forever—is an essential part of the American dream. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs offers plen... Continue Reading »

8 Dumb Reasons People Can’t Buy a Home

Buying a home—especially if it’s your first—can be a lot like losing weight in the sense that people end up doing, well, some pretty dumb stuff in the process. But while desperate die... Continue Reading »

Follow along as we search for Portland’s best old-fashioned milkshakes

Follow along as we search for Portland's best old-fashioned milkshakes Follow along as we drink through Portland’s old-fashioned milkshakes in search of our favorites. For this story, tha... Continue Reading »

The Most Popular Interior Design Styles in Each State

  Joybird When you think of what's hot in interior design right now, do your dad's wingback chairs and grandma's ornate chandeliers come to mind? Well, maybe they should. A new study by... Continue Reading »

Should I Buy a Fixer-Upper?

aabsys/iStock "Should I buy a fixer-upper?" If this thought has crossed your mind, we don't blame you. Many home buyers fantasize about purchasing a run-down shack and transforming it into a pa... Continue Reading »

How to Stay Sane Through the Home Selling Process

Even it a healthy seller’s market, selling one’s home can be a stressful time. There’s a great deal to coordinate and prepare for, both emotionally and logistically, and going into such an under... Continue Reading »

Five Conventional Mortgage Requirements to Consider When Buying a Home

A conventional mortgage is one underwritten by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, which means that they create the rules and regulations associated with these products. Most conventional loans require higher... Continue Reading »

What’s the Cost of a Home Appraisal?

Neustockimages/iStock   If you need a mortgage to buy a home, your lender will require a home appraisal—where a professional estimates the value of your place to make sure it's at lea... Continue Reading »

The Real Factors That Boost Your Home’s Bottom Line

iStock The galloping real estate market is a scary and exhilarating thing. On the one hand, as home prices soar, how on earth will you ever buy one? On the other, assuming you do pull off th... Continue Reading »

8 things you need to do to prepare for the total solar eclipse

by Jamie Hale | The Oregonian, OregonLive Whether you’re staying at home or traveling to the path of totality, the total solar eclipse calls for some advance planning and preparation. As ... Continue Reading »

Which Comes First: Selling Your Home or Buying a New One?

Selling a home is stressful. Buying a home is stressful. Doing both? There should be a new word for that. But somehow people do it, every day in every part of the country and in every market condit... Continue Reading »

What are the different types of financing for a home purchase?

If home financing is new to you, you might have a few questions. Why are there so many different kinds? Why are some not always accepted by the sellers? Who qualifies for what types of financing? ... Continue Reading »

The Earnest Money Deposit: What You Should Know

  The earnest money deposit is an important part of the home buying process. It tells the seller you're a committed buyer, and it helps fund your down payment.   Without earnest... Continue Reading »

What is underwriting?

You hear it all the time when it comes to the home loan process: underwriting. It’s a process that seems to takes forever, and most people that are in the middle of one are sweating bullets, just wa... Continue Reading »

What Does It Mean If Freddie Mac Owns My Mortgage

To the uninitiated, "Freddie Mac" might sound like a cartoon rodent or perhaps a character in a gangster musical -- neither of whom you would probably want to own your mortgage. In reality, Freddie ... Continue Reading »

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance

Private mortgage insurance, or PMI: Just the basics If your down payment on a home is less than 20%, you will have to pay for mortgage insurance, [unless you’re qualified for a VA loan.]   Wha... Continue Reading »

7 Crucial Facts About FHA Loans

  Less rigorous lending standards and lower down-payment requirements make FHA loans popular with mortgage borrowers.   What is an FHA loan? An FHA loan is a mortgage insured by the Federal Ho... Continue Reading »

What You Need To Know About Home Appraisals

They are even more complicated than they used to be. You can't get money from a credible financial institution without an appraisal, so, they're pretty important.   When you think about buying a... Continue Reading »

5 Things To Know About Getting A VA Loan

Demand has been sizzling for Veterans Affairs mortgages, better known as VA loans. These mortgages do not always require a down payment and are available to military veterans and active military membe... Continue Reading »

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Floating Homes & Houseboats

From battening down the hatches for a storm to hiring a diver for your home inspection, you're likely in for a few surprises. While a huge part of “Sleepless in Seattle’s” appeal could be c... Continue Reading »

7 Signs A Home Seller Is Ready To Bargain

Learn how you can spot the clues that could lead to a lower purchase price, more inclusions, and other perks. As a buyer, any piece of insider information you pick up can provide a strategic adva... Continue Reading »

Top Home Design Trends for 2017

Check out four hot looks for next year (plus the three trends that are over). Zillow Digs announced the top home design trends for 2017, along with the three soon-to-be forgotten fads from 2016. ... Continue Reading »

5 Trends in New Home Construction

What's on the runway for home-building fashions? Experts predict 5 big "ins." In the world of apparel fashion, trends go in and out in a matter of months. For interior design, trends may change y... Continue Reading »

More Americans are now paying their mortgage often, and on time.

Foreclosure rate continues to fall Mortgage delinquency rates, including loans in serious delinquency and even foreclosure inventory, fell at the start of 2017, according to the latest monthly Lo... Continue Reading »

How Do People Get Enough Money For A Down Payment?

You can start with pennies in a jar, but you’ll probably need to embrace some different strategies if you want to reach your down payment savings goal. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of sav... Continue Reading »

Get To Know Garden Structures

Can you tell an arch from an arbor, from a trellis, from a pergola?   Trellises, arches, arbors, and pergolas: These four garden structures are often confused. After all, each can be used to g... Continue Reading »

6 Major Mistakes Buyers Make In A Sellers Market

Preparation is key to successfully buying a house in a hot market. When you’re looking for a home in a seller’s market, you need a plan in place to avoid making mistakes. The real estate m... Continue Reading »

Tips To Buy A Home In Your 20s 30s And 40s

Your housing needs will probably change as you age. Embrace the differences with this targeted advice. What you need as a 20-something homebuyer doesn't always match up when you're in your 30s ... Continue Reading »

3 Steps To Prepare Your House To Sell

Looking to woo and win potential buyers? The little things make all the difference. Planning to sell your house this year? Don’t be overwhelmed by all the details involved in preparing it to go... Continue Reading »

Is Now A Good Time To Buy A Home

Are you interested in buying a new home but aren’t sure whether it’s a good time? The market is affected by many factors outside your control, including fluctuating interest rates and housing pric... Continue Reading »

Helping Homeowners Accept The Realities Of Downsizing

Downsizing can be difficult for clients to accept. Their memories and belongings may be unable to fit into a smaller home. Many are unsure how to proceed and need your help. As their real estate agent... Continue Reading »

4 Tips To Boost Interest In Your Home Listings

If a property isn’t garnering interest, there is a problem. Very rarely is this a result of uninterested buyers. Instead, a lack of interest in a property is often the result of a poorly priced home... Continue Reading »

The Ins And Outs Of Showing Property

Whether it's a last-minute private visit or an open house for anyone who stops by, homes need to be seen to sell.   Showing a property is essential to the home-selling process. Every market works d... Continue Reading »

The Homes Appraisal Value Is Less Than My Offer… Now What?

A low appraisal can happen for any number of reasons, but it doesn’t have to be a deal breaker.   It’s a nightmare situation: You’ve spent months searching for your dream house, finally get... Continue Reading »

What is a mansion?

The neighbor's house might not qualify... What do you think of when you hear the word “mansion”? Do visions of huge manor houses with acres of lush green lawn, sweeping staircases, and grand ba... Continue Reading »

Everything You Need to Know About Cooling Your Home

Chilling out this summer will be a breeze with these tips for getting the most out of your air conditioner and fans. Summer may be lazy and hazy, but in many areas of the country, it’s also a tim... Continue Reading »

How To Sell Your House Faster Than Your Neighbors

Focus on these tips to help buyers choose your house instead of your neighbor’s!   Airto Zamorano’s real estate game plan was solid: do a serious deep cleaning of his home every single time h... Continue Reading »

Why Are Millennials Moving To Portland? Jobs, Affordability & Craft Beer

Why are millennials suddenly moving to Portland? See what is driving its mass migration and maybe you’ll be convinced to move there too. Portland is experiencing growing pains, but its eccentric ... Continue Reading »

Is Replacing Carpet With Hardwood Floors Always Worth It?

iStock Thinking about replacing your floors? Especially if you have carpet, the choice seems clear: Hardwood floors are preferred by home buyers and renters across the United States.   ... Continue Reading »

Why Millennials Are (Partly) to Blame for the Housing Shortage

Google Maps The rush of young people to U.S. cities over the past few years is partly to blame for America’s worsening housing shortage. In some of the country’s largest and most prosper... Continue Reading »

How to Sell a Teardown House

Tips for getting the best return on a home that will most likely be redeveloped. The time has come to sell your house, but after more than a few years living there – and a little wear and tear – ... Continue Reading »

Remodeling Your Kitchen? The Most Popular Appliances, Finishes, and Flooring

A lack of homes on the market coupled with soaring real estate prices is leading more homeowners to make the most of their current abodes, particularly the kitchens. And why not? It's often less stre... Continue Reading »

How to Handle Long-Distance House Hunting Like a Champ

When you've got to buy a house from across the country, start with a winning strategy. Searching for a house locally is not without its difficulties. Add hundreds or even thousands of miles to t... Continue Reading »

4 Numbers That Determine Your Buying Power

If you're serious about buying a home, understanding your finances is a crucial first step. When deciding to purchase a home, the list of things to consider can be daunting. While you might be comp... Continue Reading »

These Cities Are The 10 Biggest Comeback Stories In US Real Estate

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5 Mistakes to Avoid When Writing an Offer

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What You Need To Know About Looking For A Home In Portlands Red Hot Market

When Caitlin and Charles Vestal began looking to buy a home in January, the search quickly felt like a full-time job. "It has been an insane process," Caitlin Vestal said. "I wasn't working during ... Continue Reading »

Pros And Cons Of Buying During Real Estates Hottest Season

Data suggest spring is the best time to buy a home, but buying during peak season has its disadvantages.   Whether it’s the warmer weather, the pending summer break from school, or simply a sea... Continue Reading »

How to Approach a Short Sale

With Portland’s hot housing market in full swing, the homes listed as short sales can appear mighty enticing with their low listing prices and light competition. Before you tell your realtor to type... Continue Reading »

What You Need To Know About Buying A Home This Spring

Low inventory in many markets combined with higher prices and rising interest rates can make buying a home challenging, but not impossible. Blooming flowers and warmer temperatures don’t just mar... Continue Reading »

Seven Less Common Things To Know When Moving To Portland

With Portland hitting the top of several Moving Destination reports, out-of-staters are sure to hear several of the same tips: don’t try to fill your own tank of gas, be prepared for rain, no sales ... Continue Reading »

Here’s How Brokers Can Reach Millenials

Younger generation needs to know why brokers are the best option Millennials are expected to make up nearly one-third of the buyer pool in 2017, which should be another solid year for purchases. Mo... Continue Reading »

Tesla Releases Details Of Its Solar Roof Tiles

[It’s] cheaper than regular roof with ‘infinity warranty’ and 30 yrs of solar power   Tesla released today all the information to order its new solar roof tiles products – starting with t... Continue Reading »

How To Choose The Right Paint Colors When Selling Your Home

One of the simplest ways to update a space is with a can of paint. But deciding on a paint color can drive anyone mad. There are so many choices out there today – cobalt blue, coral, Navajo white ... Continue Reading »

10 Ways to Find Our About a Neighborhood Without Being There

"So what's the neighborhood really like?" is the ubiquitous refrain among home buyers shopping in areas they're unfamiliar with. And though your real estate agent can fill lots of the big-picture de... Continue Reading »

9 Home Buying Myths You Need to Stop Believing Immediately

So you think you’re finally ready to make the jump from renter to homeowner? Awesome! In this exciting but admittedly scary time, you might be inclined to turn to friends and family for advice—esp... Continue Reading »

The Future of Portland’s Skyline is Made of Wood

The next cutting-edge technology to fuel our building boom just may grow on trees. High-rise construction sites don’t usually smell particularly good. But this winter, at the nearly finished buil... Continue Reading »

How to Tell if You’ll Love a New Neighborhood

Ask yourself these five questions when choosing a home base. When on the hunt for your brand new digs, you don’t necessarily want to stick to familiar territory. Buying a new home is a big co... Continue Reading »

Dining Hotspots Worth Checking Out Around Portland

Looking for somewhere new to eat out? Aim for any one of these areas and explore the cluster of restaurants each has to offer. Multnomah Village- Feel like a small town stroll? Multnomah has... Continue Reading »

Can Portland Build Its Way Out Of A Housing Crunch

It's a common complaint about Portland's painful housing crunch: Why are builders catering mostly to high-end buyers? New homes, on average, command higher prices than 80 percent of the homes on ... Continue Reading »

10 Sneaky Ways to Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

There’s no denying that the kitchen has become the focal point of the modern home, the place where the outsize influence of the Food Network and HGTV converge. Prospective buyers want to imagine t... Continue Reading »

8 Neighborhood Features That Increase Your Home Value

Being able to walk to the local pub could enhance your social life — and the value of your home. The neighborhood amenities you enjoy could also boost the value of your home. It’s a good b... Continue Reading »

Does it Really Matter What Your Neighbor’s Home Sold For?

Whether you're buying or selling, make sure you look beyond the data to get the big picture on home values. After researching the sale prices of his neighbors’ recent home sales, Steve Rennie tho... Continue Reading »

Is It Smart To Buy A Home With Less Than 20% Down Payment?

  Here are some items to consider before taking on one of the new, low-down-payment loans on the market. There’s a reason most people don’t purchase a home on a whim. From appraisals ... Continue Reading »

We Know What Home Buyers Want—and Here’s How to Give It to Them

Think bigger is better? Well, most of today’s home shoppers don’t. The homes that are in most demand by buyers in a hypercompetitive real estate environment have just three bedrooms and two bath... Continue Reading »

5 Ways You’ll Spend Money on Your New Construction Home After Closing

Save some room in your budget for expenses after move-in. By the time you get the keys to your new construction home, you might feel stretched thin in the finance department. From earnest money and ... Continue Reading »

Baby Boomers: Here’s How to Sell Your Home to Millennials

Shopping for a home has evolved over the years. Here's what you need to know about the new generation of buyers. For years we’ve seen the shift in Baby Boomers ditching their large suburban hom... Continue Reading »

Save for a down payment without sacrificing your social life

It’s no secret that one of the significant obstacles facing millennial would-be homebuyers is the struggle to save enough money for the downpayment. While many in this age bracket have learned how t... Continue Reading »

Heres Why Appraisers Are Reluctant To Work With The VA

Regulatory burdens getting in the way Many appraisers are reluctant to work with Veterans Affairs as pressure mounts due to regulatory burdens, according to the National Association of Realtors’ 20... Continue Reading »

Things To Keep In Mind When Searching For An Investment Property

1. What is your long term plan for the property? This may seem obvious, but make sure you know what your goals are. Do you plan to turn the property into a rental? When do you plan to sell the pro... Continue Reading »

Kids Sad About Moving? Here’s How to Help Them Adjust

Zurijeta/iStock   Moving can be a huge adjustment, particularly for kids. Thrust into new schools filled with unfamiliar faces, your once-upbeat brood may struggle with inse... Continue Reading »

Why Your Home May Not Be Selling, Even in a Seller’s Market

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The Early Bird’s Guide to Selling a Home

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What Are Your Rights When It Comes to Nearby Construction?

Spring is near, and for many that means it’s time to gear up for construction season. But with unseasonably warm weather in many parts of the country, it appears development is already well under wa... Continue Reading »

When Is the Best Time of the Year to Relocate to a New City?

The U.S. Census Bureau reported in November that the rate of Americans moving hit an all-time low in 2016, with 11.2 percent moving to a new home and just under 2 percent making a significant move to ... Continue Reading »

How to Choose the Right Paint Colors When Selling Your Home

One of the simplest ways to update a space is with a can of paint. But deciding on a paint color can drive anyone mad. There are so many choices out there today – cobalt blue, coral, Navajo white ... Continue Reading »

Will Single Buyers Capture a Greater Share of 2017 Home Sales?

According to data from the National Association of REALTORS®, the share of single buyers was on the decline from 2011 to 2015, as there was more competition in the market by investment and vacation h... Continue Reading »

Home Buyers Reveal What Made Them Fall in Love at First Sight

Ask any home buyer to describe what convinced them that this house was the one, and you’ll hear one word come up over and over again: “love.”   Buying a home, after... Continue Reading »

A Guide to Buying and Selling Your Home in Winter 2017

Abraham Lincoln is credited to have said: “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.” While this is not a post about improving your land... Continue Reading »

Transitioning from a Tenant to a Homeowner

  Becoming a homeowner for the first time is an exciting and stressful process. However, once the papers are signed and the keys are in your pocket, your work really begins. Homeownershi... Continue Reading »

How Much Does It Cost to Sell a House? Here’s a Reality Check

Devonyu/iStock   Show me the money! Admit it, that’s what you’re thinking when you consider selling your house. In fact, chances are good you’ve mentally spent much of the proceeds ... Continue Reading »

Is It Cheaper to Buy or Build a House? Compare the Pros and Cons

Feverpitched/iStock     When you decide it’s time to put down roots, you may wonder: Is it cheaper to buy or build a house? Unless you’re rolling in money, you’ll... Continue Reading »


Based on 75,427 Interstate and Cross-Border Household Goods Relocations from January 1, 2016 through December 15, 2016. Where is America moving? Since January 1993, Atlas Van Lines has re... Continue Reading »

How Moving to a New Home Affects Your Taxes

New year, new tax season ahead – even though many of us may not be ready to face it. Whether you’re filing your taxes on your own, using online services or enlisting the skills of an account... Continue Reading »

Suburbia Is Here to Stay, According to New Urban Land Institute Report

  Great news for suburban real estate agents: Although America's urban landscapes continue to grow and millennials prefer walkable neighborhoods, suburbia is predicted to maintain its popu... Continue Reading »

What to Do Before You Get Settled in Your New Home

  Buying a new house is an exciting adventure to embark on. Whether you are a newlywed just beginning your life with your significant other or a retiree looking to downsize, purchasing a n... Continue Reading »

So You Inherited Property—Now What?

RomoloTavani/iStock     It’s inevitable: Sooner or later most of us will receive that dreaded phone call announcing a death in the family. And, amid your grief, you might al... Continue Reading »

Giant residential development will rise from one of Lake Oswego’s few remaining prime properties

There aren't many prime properties left for developing in Lake Oswego, and with The Springs at Lake Oswego's plans to build a 216-unit senior living community at the corner of Boones Ferry and Kruse W... Continue Reading »

Study: Portland not growing all that fast

A home under construction. (Portland Tribune) PORTLAND, Ore. (PORTLAND TRIBUNE) — Sometimes it seems like everyone’s moving to Portland, which is why housing prices are increasing so fast and... Continue Reading »

Oregon outshines most states at reporting to parents on school performance

Oregon does a better job than most states of communicating clear and thorough information about public schools' performance to parents and the public, a new study finds.   Officials at ... Continue Reading »

When is the Right Time to Sell Your Home?

If you are like so many homeowners today, you are not living in your "forever home" right at the moment. Rather, the home you currently reside in is a stepping stone to get you just that much closer t... Continue Reading »

4 Trends to Shape Real Estate in 2017

  2017 promises to be an interesting year in real estate. Facing the Millennial Effect, interest rate questions and economic changes, it’s important for REALTORS® to devote time investi... Continue Reading »

6 Ways to Successfully Snoop a Neighborhood

  The old real estate adage, “location, location, location,” is absolutely spot-on when it comes to pricing, but certainly goes much deeper. In fact, the location of your next home is the ... Continue Reading »

8 Ways to Winterize Your Home

Temperatures are dropping, days are becoming shorter and you’respending more time indoors. It’s time to prep your home for the fall and winter months.   No matter where you li... Continue Reading »

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a New Neighborhood

Whether you are looking for a hip enclave of bars or a quiet suburban street filled with families for your kids to play with, choosing a new neighborhood requires a lot of consideration. However there... Continue Reading »

What Does ‘As Is’ Mean?

    When looking through property listings and the term “as is” appears, some people see it as a warning. Others see it as an opportunity. That might get you wondering, what ... Continue Reading »

Eighty Nine Percent of Investors Want to Invest in Real Estate

  Could real estate be the hottest trend in investing? While the concept itself isn’t new, confidence and intrigue in this investment strategy are high according to recent findings fro... Continue Reading »

5 Tips to Minimize Stress in the Mortgage Process

    Purchasing a home is one of the biggest financial decisions many will make in their lifetime. Before you begin looking at homes however, you will likely need to first browse the mortgage... Continue Reading »

Portland Art Museum to add 3-story pavilion as part of a $75M expansion

The Portland Art Museum's leaders said Thursday the facility will expand in a way that "unifies its campus by connecting the Museum’s freestanding buildings." The announcement came at the same ti... Continue Reading »

6 Surprising Things That Can Sabotage Your Credit Score

If you’re hunting for a house and a mortgage, you’ve probably heard that your credit scorewill affect your buying power big-time, because lenders use your credit score to determine whethe... Continue Reading »

Homeownership rates rebound in Portland metro area

    Even as housing prices explode and new apartments sprout everywhere, the Portland area's homeownership rate is finally ticking upward, a strong signal that the millennial gener... Continue Reading »

What Do Condo Fees Cover? A Lot More Than You Think

alacatr/iStock     If you’ve ever looked into buying a condo, you’ve noted that, in addition to your monthly mortgage payment and property taxes, you’ll be required to pay m... Continue Reading »

One of the ‘best places to live’ in the country is just outside Portland

Schools, affordable homes, good jobs and a melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity all make Beaverton one of the best places to live in the entire country. So says Money Magazine, which recent... Continue Reading »

Portland’s residential market feels a late-summer chill

Summer's not officially over yet, but a slight chill has visited Portland's residential real estate market, at least according to the latest numbers from theRegional Multiple Listing Service. In it... Continue Reading »

What Is Escrow? How It Keeps Home Buyers and Sellers Safe

Dale Taylor/iStock     Buying a house can involve big and scary terms, and “escrow” ranks near the top. So what is escrow, anyway?   The good news is that e... Continue Reading »

5 home design trends defining 2016

  Home design fads come and go — think avocado-hued appliances, iconic Southwest images dipped in pastels and wall-to-wall chevron — but trends, often born out of lifestyle shifts, h... Continue Reading »

5 Maintenance Skills Every Homeowner Should Know

Maintaining a home, especially an older one, can be expensive—in fact, experts say homeowners should be prepared to spend roughly 1 percent of their home’s value every year on maintenance. &nbs... Continue Reading »

7 Portland events coming up to welcome the changing season

The kids are back at school, the forecast calls for rain, and the grocery stores are already hocking Halloween candy. Fall must be on its way. Ring in the changing season with these seven events in an... Continue Reading »

Why houses in America are getting smaller

Size matters, especially in housing, but preferences can change quickly, and that is the case today. Small is happening in a big way. For the first time since the recession, home ... Continue Reading »

Portland Visitors Guide to the best of Multnomah Village

Multnomah Village is the heart of its Southwest Portland neighborhood, but this enclave of parents and families has its draws for visitors as well. For your next trip, here are the best places to drin... Continue Reading »

5 Rookie Mistakes Homebuyers Should Avoid

  Everyone makes mistakes. It happens. However, the impact of our mistakes is not always the same. When a homebuyer makes mistakes on their home purchase, it can have devastating e... Continue Reading »

9 Ingredients of a Great Neighborhood

You’ve checked out the schools and researched the crime rates. You’ve driven by your would-be future home three times to make sure the neighbors take care of their properties, there isn’t a prof... Continue Reading »

Existing-Home Sales Stumble in July

  Slowed by frustratingly low inventory levels in many parts of the country, existing-home sales lost momentum in July and decreased year-over-year for the first time since November 2015, ... Continue Reading »

5 Expectations You Should Have When Selling Your Home

If you listen to others who’ve had their homes on the market, it can seem as if there’s nothing worse than selling a house. It’s such a pain to get it ready, it’ll just sit on the ... Continue Reading »

What Should Homeowners Know about Energy Efficiency?

    Today’s “Ask the Expert” column features Mark Walker, Director with NRG Mass Sales. Q: What are the top five things new homeowners need to know about energy ef... Continue Reading »

From burgers to kabobs: Portland’s top food carts

The restaurant review site Yelp now claims to have the answer. For the first time, Yelp has compiled a list of the top 40 food carts in Portland. Researchers with the company ra... Continue Reading »

What to Do After Inheriting a Home

  Receiving an inheritance is often an emotional experience. Inheriting property, such as the family home or a vacation home can be especially trying, as you weigh decisions that have both... Continue Reading »

Why You Should Own a Home in an A+ School District

  Whether you have children or not, it pays to buy in an area with great schools. Realtor.com® recently released a new study that identifies the price premium to buy a home in a strong pu... Continue Reading »

Confessions of a 20-Year Homeowner

  My oldest son turned 20 this year. In addition to realizing I’ll no longer be able to say, “I have two teenagers,” and that I’m probably not going to be his number-one concert ... Continue Reading »

Demolition of Lake Oswego’s oldest home blocked by court ruling

Lake Oswego's oldest home is not likely to be demolished following a Thursday ruling by the Oregon Supreme Court reversing a lower court's decision.   Plans to dem... Continue Reading »

Back to school? Here’s how it impacts home values

Neighborhoods with at least one good elementary school have greater home values as well as higher home price appreciation over the long term compared to homes without good schools, according to the 20... Continue Reading »

Need to buy a house fast after selling yours? Don’t panic, here’s what to do

  In fast-moving housing markets, many sellers worry that once they’ve found someone to buy their place, they won’t have enough time to secure another home for themselves.   ... Continue Reading »

When it comes to commercial real estate, Vancouver is emerging from Portland’s shadow

Although Portland’s downtown and close-in eastside office submarkets have been receiving a lot of attention lately, the Vancouver office market is performing well and is on the verge of breaking out... Continue Reading »

Keep Your Basement Dry with These Tips

  Water damage is a common hazard to residences, and can come from several overlooked sources. HYDROSTATIC WATER PRESSURE Hydrostatic water pressure can be problematic for many homeo... Continue Reading »

5 Kitchen Island Styles to Fit Any Use

    Regardless of the size of your kitchen remodel, adding an island to your design is one of the best things you can do to make your home more livable. There are many ways to fit ... Continue Reading »

Do Your Home Work Right: Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes Made by New Homeowners

Before making any changes to your new home, always check with your builder. Photo courtesy of David McLellan, author of "The Home Book."   You’ve finally moved into your new home. But, li... Continue Reading »

The future of mortgage rates in a post-Brexit world

Near the end of June, Brexit came, then it went and, according to Capital Economics, that’s where the story ends.   No more effect on the housing market, no more lowering the mortgage rat... Continue Reading »

Living in The Pearl

Portlanders of a certain vintage have a strong memory associated with Portland’s Brewery Blocks. It used to exude the heady smell of of brewing beer, all wheat and warm. These days, the Brewery Bloc... Continue Reading »

Americans Willing to Pay More to Live Near Public Transit

Nearly three in four Americans (73 percent) would support changes in land use or zoning regulations in their community that encourage transit oriented development, according to a new America THINKS na... Continue Reading »

Biketown bike-share launches today: Five things to know

Portland streets have taken on an orange tint in recent weeks in preparation for the Tuesday launch of the central city's new bike-share system.   A hundred Biketown racks have popped up ac... Continue Reading »

Is Portland’s Housing Market as BAD as You Think it Is?

If you’re thinking about buying a new home in Portland — right now, you’ve likely already heard horror stories from your friends and family about how outright bonkers the housing market has beco... Continue Reading »

A Parent’s Guide to Selling Your Home

The idea of selling your home can be quite daunting. Add to the equation a young child and the task may seem impossible.   Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be the case. Through careful p... Continue Reading »

5 Stress Relieving Tips for First-time Homebuyers

Moving into a new place is both exciting and challenging, and that is especially true if it's your first time as a homeowner. Instead of allowing the process to overwhelm you, keep some tips in ... Continue Reading »

The best public transit is in these cities

Online real estate listing services are beginning to offer more options for those who really don't want to own a car where they live. Fast commute times to work rank second in priority, second only... Continue Reading »

Portland passes deconstruction rules for 100-year-old home demolitions

Portland's City Council has given the go-ahead on a measure requiring contractors who demolish homes built before 1916 to fully deconstruct them. The idea is that the materials become available for r... Continue Reading »

America’s Top 10 Green Cities for Nature Lovers

More than 80% of America’s population is clustered in its cities. This, of course, is no surprise. After all, cities are where the jobs are, where public transportation makes it a snap ... Continue Reading »

Will the Portland housing market’s long ride atop the nation end anytime soon?

It began in October. Home values in Portland grew that month as fast year-over-year as the red-hot prices in Denver and San Francisco.   With homes in the region gaining 10.9 percen... Continue Reading »

Buying and Selling Your Home: Which Comes First When You’re Looking to Move?

Unless you’re upgrading to a new home every year, chances are the buying and selling process has changed significantly since you were last in a closing. The market is different, new lender requireme... Continue Reading »

City seeks public feedback on demolition, infill and other housing issues

Portlanders down over demolition in the city's neighborhoods will be able to share their laments and ideas with the city during a series of open houses throughout the summer. The Bureau of Planning... Continue Reading »

Portland 6th most popular destination for young, college educated

  That is according to a new report, titled "Talent on the Move," released Wednesday by researchers at Portland State University who found that Portland ranked No. 6 out of the top 10 destinat... Continue Reading »

Old Town block sells for $11 million to developer eyeing mixed-use building

A local developer has purchased a surface parking lot in Portland's Old Town Chinatown neighborhood for $11 million and wants to turn it into a mixed-use project that would include units... Continue Reading »

10 House Painting Rules You Should Never Break

No home improvement project revives, protects and beautifies a house as quickly, effectively and affordably as exterior painting. A new coat of paint can completely transform a house, and while painti... Continue Reading »

What Is Fannie Mae? And Freddie Mac, for That Matter?

KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images     Whether you are shopping for a mortgage or just occasionally read financial news stories, you’ve probably heard of Fannie Mae. But what is ... Continue Reading »

Portland approves major 20-year growth plan, looking to 2035

Portland leaders project that the city's population will grow by nearly 42 percent — reflecting about 260,000 new residents — over the next 20 years. Approximately 140,000 new employees will wor... Continue Reading »

Wood or Wood-Like Flooring: What’s the Difference?

  Traditionally, hardwood floors added warmth and natural beauty to the home. These days, hardwood competes with copycat laminates and engineered wood floors, which can cost less. Here a... Continue Reading »

HUD Awards $46.5 Million to Make Thousands of Homes Safe from Lead

To protect children and families from the hazards of lead-based paint and other home health and safety hazards, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) recently awarded $46.5 ... Continue Reading »

What You Need to Know About a Home Warranty

  You've heard the horror stories – within weeks of purchasing a home, the hot water heater leaks, the HVAC suddenly stops working or the freezer becomes a puddle of melted ice. But what if ... Continue Reading »

New development rules would limit home sizes, encourage density

Developers would be required to reduce the scale of homes they build in Portland's single-family zones and would be allowed to construct more duplexes, triplexes and other forms of... Continue Reading »

5 Questions to Ask About Your Commute Before You Move to Your Next Home

Your morning commute matters, and it can be somewhere between two extremes depending on your preferences and needs. Teleworkers can go from bed to the office in mere seconds, without even changing out... Continue Reading »

EPA grants $400,000 to help clean East Portland brownfields

East Portland just got $400,000 to help clean up its industrial land. The Environmental Protection Agency is providing a pair of grants for the city to provide financial and technical assistance to... Continue Reading »

Where Americans Are Moving Right Now

Why do people get the overwhelming urge to move in the summer? It’s one of those eternal questions, right up there with “Can love really last a lifetime?” and “Why does the Trader Jo... Continue Reading »

Historic Pearl District firehouse won’t be demolished after all

  An historic Pearl District firehouse that had been targeted for demolition will remain standing after all, as a developer has altered plans to replace it with market-rate apartme... Continue Reading »

How Your New Job Affects Your Chances of Getting a Mortgage

Wendy Townrow/iStock   Changing jobs is a natural part of a long and eventful career. But if you’re trying to impress a mortgage lender, you need to know some of the basic... Continue Reading »

How Much Are Closing Costs? What Home Buyers and Sellers Can Expect

Closing costs are the fees paid to third parties that help facilitate the sale of a home, and they vary widely by location. But as a rule, you can estimate that they typically total... Continue Reading »

How Commercial Real Estate is Changing Residential Housing

Suburbia boomed in the 1950s as people moved out of urban centers throughout the country and into newly developed neighborhoods filled exclusively with houses. As suburbs developed, commercial hubs ... Continue Reading »

How to Begin Investing in Real Estate

  The housing market is well on the mend, with prices steadily rising in much of the country. It may be a good time, then, to think about adding real estate to an investing portfolio. ... Continue Reading »

Portland’s Hottest Microhoods

IMAGE: STUART MULLENBERG Forget gray hairs. Over the past few years, real estate has given us wrinkles. Falling home prices, rising foreclosures rates, and painfully long market times a... Continue Reading »

Another Lents land sale could mean food carts, a pub and apartments

A new food cart pod, pub and a market-rate apartment building are likely on the menu for the Lents neighborhood after the Portland Development Commissionapproved the sale of a slice of property at the... Continue Reading »

Portland Affordability in Comparison

When discussing Portland’s housing affordability, the most common way is to point out prices in other major West Coast metropolitan areas. For example, according to Census figures, Portland home val... Continue Reading »

11 Popular Home Updates That Are Worth the Money

  Is adding barn doors to your home the key to selling it for a higher price?   Conventional wisdom would say almost certainly not. But a recent report by Zillow Digs, the real ... Continue Reading »

10 Tips to Prep Your Home for the Spring Homebuying Season

If you want to sell your home during this year’s spring selling season, now is the time to get moving. Sellers can rest assured that if there’s no snow on the ground, homebuyers are already lookin... Continue Reading »

Tips for single homebuyers

  When I bought my first house in 1984, single homebuyers—especially, young, female single homebuyers—were unusual in Toronto. But when I saw the “For Sale” sign on the tiny bungal... Continue Reading »

8 Types of Roads That Can Have a Big Impact on Home Sales

A house hunter's must have list for a new home often includes the number of bedrooms, necessary appliance updates and maybe a garage or backyard. But one detail that's often left off is actually just ... Continue Reading »

Why Spring is the Perfect Time to Sell Your Home

  Spring is in the air and homebuyers are coming out of hibernation. With the holidays over and the weather warming up, it’s the time of year that's typically considered a hot period for... Continue Reading »

Portland’s lively retail scene cracks the top 10

Portland's retail scene may be a touch eclectic — think bone broth bars and hipster outdoor gear alongside Nike, Nordstrom and Macy's — but it's dense enough to help fuel economic health and vibra... Continue Reading »

Why More Millennials are Buying Homes in the Suburbs

Image Source     As they get ready to start families, city-loving millennials are making an unexpected choice: They are moving to the suburbs, much as their parents did decades ... Continue Reading »

Here’s why seasonality matters in the housing market

Seasonality plays an important role in the housing market.  Home buying and selling activities swell during the spring and summer months of the year, and trail off during the fall and winter. &nbs... Continue Reading »

Apartment portfolio goes for $9M, signals interest in Portland’s smaller assets

Several sizable multifamily properties have changed hands over the past year or so as institutional investors have taken a liking to Portland. But according to Colliers International, smaller apart... Continue Reading »

5 Rules for Updating an Old Home with New Amenities

Whether it’s because it was the only home available in your price range or because you’ve always dreamed of having one, you bought an older home. It could be from the 18th century or a 1950s midce... Continue Reading »

Looking for a home in the red-hot Portland market? What you need to know

When Caitlin and Charles Vestal began looking to buy a home in January, the search quickly felt like a full-time job.   "It has been an insane process," Caitlin Vestal said. "I wasn't worki... Continue Reading »

Should You Turn Your Residence Into a Rental?

When your circumstances change, such as starting a new job, having a baby or providing caregiving for an older relative, your current home may no longer fit your needs. Some homeowners may choose ... Continue Reading »

Are Today’s Outskirts Tomorrow’s Bustling Urban Neighborhoods?

IMAGE: BRIDGET CALIP AND BRINK COMMUNICATIONS Three sharp new apartment buildings, with inscrutably marketable names like Vector, Hub9, and the Rowlock, border a tree-dotted plaza. Zipc... Continue Reading »

Millennial Musts: Top 10 Non-Negotiables for the First-Time Buyers

  Demographics trends experts I once worked with looked for a hole in the donut. The donut is where everybody looks for opportunity. The hole is where the opportunity is. Here's a grid fro... Continue Reading »

How to Successfully Buy a Home in a Tight Seller’s Market

If you’ve decided to buy a home this spring, good luck to you. Your challenge will be not just finding a home you like, but also beating out all the other homebuyers who like it and want to make an ... Continue Reading »

Urban homes in Portland are now worth more than those in the suburbs

City living is all the rage these days, and according to a new report from Zillow, the trend is paying off for homeowners. The real estate company reported this week that urban home values are surpas... Continue Reading »

The top 10 tech company draws for new Portlanders

A survey of software engineers by confidential job search app Anthology sees Portland rising in the ranks of desirable locations. Portland cracked the Top 10 cities engineers said they would like to ... Continue Reading »

Two-Bedroom versus Three-Bedroom Homes

Does a three-bedroom house sell faster than a two-bedroom? A real estate agent will likely tell you that it does. While this may be true, there are exceptions. If you’re planning a reno and wonderin... Continue Reading »

Homebuilder confidence falls in December

Following a four-point uptick last month, builder confidence in the market for newly built single-family homes fell one point in December to a level of 57 on the National Association of Home Builders... Continue Reading »

A posh (and pet-friendly) downtown Portland hotel to get a $10M makeover

A pet-friendly downtown Portland hotel is set for a full-on makeover to the tune of more than $10 million in 2015. The Hotel Vintage Plaza , located at 422 S.W. Broadway in an 1894 building, will und... Continue Reading »

More homes surge past $500K in Portland’s 25 most-expensive neighborhoods

By now you already know: Portland's real estate market is on the rise. As one of the last relatively affordable cities on the West Coast, it comes as little surprise that the city is riding a wave ... Continue Reading »

Data don’t lie: Portland jumps up the ranks of national tech cities

We’ve been closely following the emerging narrative of Portland’s latest tech boom with homegrown startups adding staff, building-out new offices and welcoming reams of regional offices from tech ... Continue Reading »

As pressures force Portland to become taller and denser, will it look like a different city in 5 years?

An essay by Carl Alviani, who works at Portland's Ziba Design, has triggered a lot of online conversation about the kind of city that Portland seems to be becoming.   Alviani's essay, calle... Continue Reading »

Solar energy prices drop but regulations still have a big impact

The future of solar energy is getting brighter. So says a trio of new studies that note substantial declines in the price of both rooftop and utility-scale solar energy in the U.S. The U.S. Departmen... Continue Reading »

New single-family home sales see biggest jump in 22 years

August increase to six-year high comes off disappointing July Sales of new single-family houses in August 2014 were at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 504,000, up from July’s printing of 427,0... Continue Reading »

Fed Signals No Hurry to Raise Interest Rates

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve is in no hurry to raise interest rates. The economic recovery has stayed on course in recent months, and the Fed’s policy-making committee said on Wednesday... Continue Reading »

Top Ten Classic Portland Bars

  ALIBI TIKI LOUNGE Vintage tropical 4024 N. Interstate Ave. 503-287-5335 alibiportland.com   The Alibi doesn't boast the transformative rum drinks of Hale Pele or the voluminous tiki m... Continue Reading »

How do Portlanders Want to Live? Planners’ Survey Finds Complex Picture of Housing Preferences

Portland-area residents overwhelmingly want to live in single-family houses, but many want to move from a suburban setting to either a more compact neighborhood or a rural setting. That's according to... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Rates Hit 2014 Low

Mortgage rates have dropped to their lowest level in over a year. The average rate for a 30-year loan now stands at 4.1%, according to Freddie Mac. That matched its lowest level since June 2013, when... Continue Reading »

Downtown Portland’s 10 Best Happy Hour Bars

For this roundup, we used a liberal definition of "downtown" -- for us, this happy hour happy zone spills across the river to Water Avenue, and skips up into the Northwest 23rd Avenue area -- anywhere... Continue Reading »

Portland’s Ten Best Cocktail Bars

PORTLAND, OREGON - August 13, 2014 - Alexis Rittenhouse serves up a flaming Coconaut: blackstrap rum, lime and coconut. Hale Pele is an island getaway bar on NE Broadway. Stephanie Yao Long/The Oregon... Continue Reading »

A pair of Portland chefs set to appear on Bravo’s ‘Top Chef’

Portland chefs Doug Adams from the Imperial restaurant at Hotel Lucia and Gregory Gourdet from the Departure restaurant at The Nines will appear on Bravo Media’s popular 'Top Chef' series. Ad... Continue Reading »

What Do the Pearl District’s “Three Towers” Have in Common?

With construction underway on three high-rise residential buildings in the north Pearl District, one local construction mainstay will be getting a lot of neighborhood exposure. Not only are all three... Continue Reading »

Portland’s average apartment rents soar as market tightens

How expensive are apartments in Portland these days? The area's average apartment rent in June was $1,160 in June, $167 more expensive than it was this time last year. Apartment rents in the Portlan... Continue Reading »

What Can You Get for $750,000 in West Linn, Battle Ground, Wash., and the Pearl District?

West Linn, Oregon   This three-bedroom, two-bathroom house in West Linn sold on June 11 for $750,000.   Battle Ground, Washington   This four-bedroom, three-bathroom house i... Continue Reading »

What $1 Million Buys in Housing Markets Around America

$1 million is a lot of money to spend on a house. But what it buys in Wayzata, Minn. is not the same as what it can buy in Miami, Fla. From small suburban houses to waterfront mansions, our frie... Continue Reading »

Here’s What 1 Million Dollars Buys In Housing Markets Around The World

In Capetown, South Africa, $1 million goes a pretty long way. A million-dollar home sounds like a major luxury. But $1 million buys something vastly different in cities around the world.In New Yor... Continue Reading »

Portland Restaurant And Bar Events – Week Of July 16 To 22

Find out what food events are happening this week:   Under the Antlers at Urban Farmer: Urban Farmer will be serving a four-course, seafood-centric dinner using exotic fish procured by Flyi... Continue Reading »

5 Pieces Of Investing Wisdom For Summer

Summertime means time spent lounging at the pool or beach, hosting barbecues and planning well-deserved vacations. Investing is probably the last thing on our minds—but it should be.Money management... Continue Reading »

Which Portland suburb is one of the nation’s top 10 places to raise children?

Portland's Lake Oswego has been identified as one of the country's top 10 most desirable places for parents to live in an annual study.The report, by online real estate brokerage ZipRealty, was compi... Continue Reading »

A look inside a Portland government building-turned-startup base

The Block 300 building, the former home of The General Services Administration, recently received a facelift. The idea is that the structure could attract upscale tenants, including tech companies. T... Continue Reading »


The Oregon State Department of Parks and Recreation will pay $1.8 million to purchase an 357-acre former farm on the Sand Lake estuary on the Oregon Coast in Tillamook County. The estuary is among ... Continue Reading »

Which top spot did PDX land? (A hint: It has to do with airports)

Who's got the best airport goods? According to Travel and Leisure magazine, the best place to fly from sits in far Northeast Portland. Portland International Airport ranked first among domestic air... Continue Reading »

4 Questions About That Incoming And Coolsounding South Waterfront Pub

If (when?) South Waterfront turns into the destination entertainment and restaurant district that such local players as Jay Zidell are envisioning, Amee Finigan could one day be viewed as a pioneer... Continue Reading »

Portland Oregon Pending Home Sales Surge in May

Pending home sales surged in May, spurred by lower interest rates and increased inventory, the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reported Monday.   The group's Pending Home Sales Inde... Continue Reading »

South Waterfront to get its first pub

A new gastro pub that'll specialize in American comfort food and serve microbrews, plans to open its doors in South Waterfront this September. The Groaning Board will open at 3500 S.W. River Parkway,... Continue Reading »

KB Home CEO nails what’s missing in housing California bubbles, landlord headaches and forecasting failures

What’s wrong with the housing market? If you don’t have more than a minute, you may not want to ask this writer, but in a conference call on earnings last week, KB Home CEO Jeff Mezger got it i... Continue Reading »

Current Mortgage Performance Rate Rises to 93%

Mortgage performance is on the rise, and foreclosures are on the decline at the nation’s largest banks, according to the first-quarter Mortgage Metrics Report from the Office of the Comptroller of t... Continue Reading »

Undervalued Homes Squash Housing Bubble Concerns

While persistent price gains continue to dominate headlines, homes in a majority of major markets across the country remain slightly undervalued, quashing any concerns of a rising housing bubble, acco... Continue Reading »

Home prices up in all 50 states — with Oregon near the top of the heap

U.S. home prices rose for the 26th consecutive month in April as widespread prosperity drove real estate prices up by more than 10.5 percent. Irvine, California.-based CoreLogic (NYSE: CLGX0 reports ... Continue Reading »

Portland Home Values Close in on Pre-Recession Peaks

U.S. home prices were 12.4 percent higher in March than they were a year ago — a significant slowdown from recent months, according to the influential S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices, rele... Continue Reading »

The Skanner Takes on Homeowner Associations

The Skanner newspaper’s Lisa Loving spent two years looking into problems that arise when homeowner associations exert extraordinary control over residential neighborhoods. The result is a three-... Continue Reading »

House hunting in Portland? You’re hosed. Pretty much

The summer buying season has barely started and the noose already is tightening around Portland’s residential real estate market. Portland posted one of the tightest markets in recent years in Apri... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Portland-Area Home Prices Up 12.4% in March from a Year Ago

Home prices rose in the Portland area and across the U.S. in March even as home sales failed to meet expectations. The data firm CoreLogic said U.S. home prices were up 11.1 percent in March from a... Continue Reading »

State to wind down foreclosure aid program as federal funds dwindle

Having spent most of the $220 million it received from the federal government for foreclosure aid programs, Oregon plans to wind down the biggest of them over the next two months. The state's Home Re... Continue Reading »

No house for you! Overlook is out of stock

Portland’s residential real estate market is redefining the term "tight." There are no single family detached homes available for sale in the 97227 zip code, generally the Overlook neighborhood and... Continue Reading »

Here’s Proof the Housing Bubble Is about to Burst

Many housing industry experts and economists (especially “celebrity economists”) have been touting their belief that the housing recovery has been very real over the past year to 18 months, and ... Continue Reading »

Report: Want to buy a home in Portland? Better act fast

Boy, that Portland housing market is really something. Just ask the team at Redfin, the “technology-powered brokerage” that tracks housing sales matters. It turns out that 14.5 percent of all ho... Continue Reading »

Online Home Shopping Surges Mortgages Tank

Monday Morning Cup of Coffee takes a look at stories across the HousingWire news desk, with more coverage to come on bigger issues.  The Quicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket with Yahoo Sportsdid... Continue Reading »

Can You Afford To Buy A House Right Now?

You're tired of "throwing money away" on rent. You want to buy your own home. But you're not sure if now is the right time.  You hesitate about "now" for two reasons: time and money. In term of t... Continue Reading »

HUD: March Housing Scorecard Shows Progress

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's(HUD) latest Housing Scorecard for March, released in conjunction with the U.S. Treasury, showed progress in the housing market, but cautioned th... Continue Reading »

Portland’s Apartment Titan PNC Real Estate On The Rise

Portland-based PNC Real Estate is moving up the ladder among the nation's apartment owners.  PNC is now the country's fourth largest apartment owner, climbing two places on the National Multifamil... Continue Reading »

6 Staging Pitfalls Sellers Should Avoid

In many cases, staging will determine how easily a home will sell, but luckily, it's one of the few factors that your clients have control over. With a little guidance from their great agent (read: yo... Continue Reading »

How Unaffordable Is That House In The Listings

Pretty unaffordable.  Seattle-based Zillow reports that more than half of homes on the market in seven cities including Portland are beyond the reach of residents earning the median salary.  Nat... Continue Reading »

Street of Dreams turns 39 in Happy Valley

The latest edition of one of the longest-running luxury home tours in the United States will take place this summer in Happy Valley. The 2014 NW Natural Street of Dreams will take place July 26 to ... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Rates Keep Falling

CoreLogic reports a dramatic drop in completed foreclosure rates over the past year. The Irvine, Calif.-based real estate research firm reports 48,000 foreclosures were completed nationally in Janua... Continue Reading »

Booming exurbs will keep eligibility for zero-down ‘rural’ home loans

Some not-so-rural-anymore areas will remain eligible for government-guaranteed, zero-down payment home loans under the farm bill to be signed this morning. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s rur... Continue Reading »

Aid program for underwater homeowners expanding statewide after Portland-area pilot

A state program designed to help underwater homeowners will be expanded statewide after an eight-month pilot test in the Portland area, officials said Wednesday. The Rebuilding American Homeownershi... Continue Reading »

Investing in Portland Rentals? You Can Do Better. Or Not.

Portland may have the nation’s second-tightest apartment market, but it's a middling place to invest in rentals. So says Seattle-based All Property Management, which ranked 75 U.S. cities for its... Continue Reading »

Home Prices Keep Bubbling Up

Home buyers scouring Portland for a place to live can take some comfort in this: At least they’re not house hunting in Las Vegas, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Portland-area home prices rose 12.4 p... Continue Reading »

Portland’s 25 Hottest Neighborhoods of 2013

Ah, 2013: The year Portland's simmering housing market came to a rolling boil. Hyperbole aside, the city's residential real estate market saw a lot of action last year. During 2013, we took a quarter... Continue Reading »

Portland Foreclosures Rates Plummet

Portland-area foreclosure and mortgage delinquency rates dropped in the fall. CoreLogic, an Irvine, Calif.-based research firm, reports the foreclosure rate for all outstanding mortgages in the great... Continue Reading »

How Oregon Compares to Foreclosures in the Nation

Another week, another report on the outlook for Oregon's, and the nation's, residential real estate market. The latest comes from CoreLogic, which reports that there were 879,000 homes in some stage... Continue Reading »

Micro Apartments, Creative Offices, and Other Takeaways

Portland landlords will be sitting pretty in the coming year as a growing economy collides with almost no new non-apartment construction. The result will be low vacancy rates, competition for space, ... Continue Reading »

Zillow: Heat Rising on Portland Housing

Get ready for another wild real estate year! Portland will be the ninth hottest residential market in the nation in 2014, according to Zillow, the Seattle-based online real estate firm (NASDAQ: Z). He... Continue Reading »

Where Will Home Prices go in 2014?

Local home prices will climb by about four percent in 2014, placing Portland 12th among the nation’s largest cities for anticipated gains. Clear Capital projects Portland home prices will follow a... Continue Reading »

Portland Found Its Strength When the Residential Market and Its Hope When It Returned

Going back to our earliest days as a species, we humans have regarded our domiciles as bastions of stability. Whether a cave, a rustic cabin or an opulent mansion, we instinctively think of our homes ... Continue Reading »

A Drop in Portland Home Sales?

RealtyTrac reports the annualized sale volume of single family homes dropped in 14 of the nation’s top 50 metro areas in November — including Portland. The Irvine, Calif.-based real estate resea... Continue Reading »

Best November for Home Sales in Seven Years

Portland recorded the best November for home sales in seven years, according to Regional Multiple Listing Service figures released Thursday. There were 1,821 closed sales in November, a drop of 16.... Continue Reading »

Investors Still See Opportunity in Distressed Real Estate

Investors scooped up thousands of homes, condos and commercial office buildings on the cheap in the wake of the real estate collapse. There are apparently still good deals to be had. Red Hills Acqui... Continue Reading »

Where are Portland Homes Selling the Fastest?

Portland's lightning-fast real estate market sped up in the third quarter. That fact is little surprise considering the average home sale price rose 5.2 percent and the number of total sales rose 2.8... Continue Reading »

Where are Portland’s Hottest Neighborhoods?

As summer heated up in Portland in August, so too did the already-hot residential real estate market. Summer generally tends to be a busy time to buy and sell homes, and this year was no exception wi... Continue Reading »

Is Portland as Affordable as It Thinks It Is?

In a word, no. The Rose City scored a less-than-stellar “D” on housing affordability, falling from its 2012 C-minus ranking. Interest.com reports Portland ranks 18th among the 25 largest U.S. ci... Continue Reading »

Flips Flop, except in Portland

Home flipping took a noticeable plunge in the third quarter, but Portland defied the trend with a 16 percent increase in home flipping activity. Irvine, Calif.-based RealtyTrac Inc. says that natio... Continue Reading »

Case-Shiller: Summer Ended with a Bang

Portland-area home prices rose at an annualized rate of 13 percent in August, according to the widely-read S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. Case-Shiller said all 20 cities tracked posted mo... Continue Reading »

Portland a World-Class City for Real Estate Investment

Portland cracks an unusual list in a report on the state of real estate investment fromCushman & Wakefield Inc. The Rose City ranked 49th in the world for investment in commercial real estate, wi... Continue Reading »

Home prices: Still jumping

An index of Portland home prices rose 15.5 percent in August, continuing a trend of solid gains in the housing market. CoreLogic Inc., an Irving, Calif.-based residential research firm, said local h... Continue Reading »

Zillow: Good Times for Homeowners – For Now

Portland-area home values rose at an annualized rate of more than 15 percent in August while local rents rose 3.3 percent. Zillow, the Seattle-based real estate service, said the average Portland hom... Continue Reading »

Marrying real estate and public schools, Portland in nation’s top 10

With home prices running more than 14 percent ahead of a year ago, it’s not surprising Portland earned a spot in Zip Realty’s list of the top "10 booming real estate markets." Zip ranked Portla... Continue Reading »

Are Oregon home prices rising too fast?

Rising home prices in Portland helped push Oregon into the nation's top tier in July. CoreLogic Inc., an Irvine, Calif.-based real estate research firm, said Oregon was No. 5 in the nation with a st... Continue Reading »

Rising prices buoy Portland homeowners

Double-digit gains in home prices are rescuing local homeowners from the dreaded state of “negative equity. "Zillow, a Seattle-based residential real estate firm, reports that 22.3 percent of Portla... Continue Reading »

Fewer Portland residents in mortgage trouble

Fewer Portland-area residents are in danger of losing their homes. The foreclosure rate for homeowners in the Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro metro area in June was 2.32 percent, down 0.38 percent fro... Continue Reading »

Worst-kept secret: Fred Meyer’s South Waterfront plan

Portland’s ambitious South Waterfront experiment in neighborhood-making looked a lot like a failure when the Great Recession hit. Lenders took over its glassy condominium towers and for-profit deve... Continue Reading »

Voracious buyers snap up houses as prices soar

There’s something for everyone in thelatest real estate figures from the Regional Multiple Listing Service. For sellers, news that the average sales price in July rose 13.8 percent, to $326,500, c... Continue Reading »

Where are Portland’s hottest neighborhoods?

It's no secret that Portland's housing market is nothing short of on fire. Recent data shows the city's inventory of homes at its lowest level in three years, while average prices have risen dramati... Continue Reading »

Home prices show signs of stabilizing

Home prices showed signs of stabilizing in February as CoreLogic CoreLogic Latest from The Business Journals Follow this company reported a slowdown in price declines. The Santa Ana, Calif.-based r... Continue Reading »

Promising news for Portland home buyers

Relief could be in the offing for Portland home buyers after a summer of tight inventories and bidding wars. ZipRealty Inc. of Emeryville, Calif. said Portland is one of the leading cities in the nat... Continue Reading »

Oregon Home Prices Keep Going Up and Up and Up

Oregon ranked No. 6 in the nation for rising home prices in June. CoreLogic, an Irvine, Calif.-based real estate research firm, said Oregon home prices, including sales of distressed homes, rose 14.2... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Portland-area foreclosure rate down from a year ago

The Portland-area foreclosure rate held steady in May at its lowest level in two and a half years as delinquencies fell. About 2.39 percent of Portland-Vancouver-Hillsboro mortgaged homes are in fore... Continue Reading »

Which cities have record-high home prices?

May was a notable month for home prices as two U.S. cities posted records, surpassing pre-recession peaks. Denver and Dallas became the first cities to post new all-time highs, according to the S&... Continue Reading »

Street of Dreams showcases barn doors, shaving rocks and water slides

Portland’s annual dream home extravaganza returns to full form, debuting this weekend in West Linn. The 2013 edition of the NW Natural Street of Dreams serves up nine homes by eight builders. Seven... Continue Reading »

We’re not in a housing bubble. Here’s why

Fresh off news that Portland-area home prices eased slightly in June comes this: CoreLogic reports that fears of a housing bubble are overrated. Whats more, the Irvine, Calif.-based real estate resear... Continue Reading »

Home market simmers rather than boils in June: Portland

The average home sold in June commanded $313,900, down about a percentage point from May. The inventory of unsold homes eased, again only slightly. There was a 2.9-month inventory in June, reflecting... Continue Reading »

What are Portland home prices doing now?

U.S. home prices posted the highest yearly gain in seven years in April, according to the widely watched S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices. Portland home prices rose 14.7 percent over the prior... Continue Reading »

10 best U.S. cities for home sellers

A recent study found that the gap between the listing price and closing price of an average home in the U.S. continues to narrow, with more sellers able to get more than 98% of their home’s listing ... Continue Reading »

Why is everyone talking ‘housing bubble’?

Home prices are rising at unsustainable double-digit rates both in Portland and across the country. Well-priced, well-located homes sell in hours, inventories are as tight as they’ve ever been and ... Continue Reading »

Monthly Increase in Inventory Eases Competition for Homes in May

Competition for homes eased in May due to a  monthly increase in inventory, according to Redfin’s latest bidding war report. Although 69.5 percent of offers that came from Redfin agents faced compe... Continue Reading »

Radar Logic: Forces Driving Up Prices Are Temporary

Despite improvements in home values, Radar Logic continues to contend the factors underpinning the recovery will not lead to sustainable price gains. In March, Radar Logic’s home price index, which ... Continue Reading »

Why Portland home prices are going up, up, up

The residential housing recovery just keeps gaining momentum. Five U.S. Cities including Portland set post-recession records for month-over-month home price increases. Portland, Charlotte, Los Angeles... Continue Reading »

RMLS: Good and bad news from the home front

It’s a mixed bag of news from the Regional Multiple Listing Service. In its April report, RMLS reports the average home price in Portland popped over the $300,000 mark for the first time in about f... Continue Reading »

Trulia: Home Price Recovery Not Shaping into Another Bubble

While home prices are rising today nearly as fast as they did during the peak bubble years of 2005 and 2006, Trulia reassures “bubble-phobes” that they can rest easy in its latest report. The comp... Continue Reading »

Which Portland-area city is tops for million dollar home sales?

Luxury home sales hit a six-year high as demand for homes costing $1 million or more rose 34 percent between the first quarter of 2012 and the first quarter of 2013. Read more...... Continue Reading »

It’s getting even harder to buy a house here

Home buyers are touring more homes and making more offers as Portland’s overheated residential market heads into the busy summer selling season. Separate reports by CoreLogic Inc. and Redfin Realty... Continue Reading »

Portland-area home values up 10.4% in March from year ago: Zillow

Home values in the Portland area continued to rise in March, the real estate website Zillow reported, but those gains are slowing. Zillow measures home values through an algorithm based on public rec... Continue Reading »

Oregon House weighs pariah tax bill

A bill to tax some business transactions could make Oregon a pariah in the wonky world of 1031 exchange investing. House Bill 3433, pending in front of the House Revenue Committee, would place Oregon... Continue Reading »

Reports Burst Housing Bubble Concerns

While rapid price gains have recently prompted fears of another “housing bubble,” recent reports from Capital Economics and Redfin asserted no such bubble is forming—at least not on a national l... Continue Reading »

Portland’s real estate market; it’s back, baby

I know I’m not the first to say it — and I hope I don’t jinx anything — but it sure seems like Portland’s real estate resurgence has taken hold. We’ve had several solid months of data supp... Continue Reading »

Report: Prices Post First Winter Quarterly Gain in 7 Years

For the first time since 2006, national home prices survived winter without experiencing a quarterly decline, according to Clear Capital’s market report for March. Home prices ended last month with ... Continue Reading »

Housing recovery starts to look like a boom.

The influential S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price indices for January is chock full of superlatives. The indices posted their “highest year-over-year increases since summer 2006”; overall, U.S. hom... Continue Reading »

Is housing market back? Foreclosure rates suggest it is

Portland-area foreclosure rates held steady in January while the rate of homeowners falling behind on payments showed solid signs of improvement. The improving foreclosure picture comes as the housin... Continue Reading »

Trulia: Owning Costs 44% Less than Renting

Home price gains may be outpacing increases in rent, but the cost of being a homeowner is still much less than that of a renter, according to Trulias Winter 2013 Rent vs. Buy report. After factoring a... Continue Reading »

RMLS: Portland home prices eased a bit in February

Portland area home prices eased in February but remain well ahead of 2012 levels. The Regional Multiple Listing Service reports the average sale price in February was $282,000. That’s 2 percent les... Continue Reading »

‘Flash sales’ put Portland among fastest-selling markets in country

Portland ranks among the leading cities for homes that sell in 24 hours or less. Portland ranked 10th in the nation for "flash sales," a measure of the speediness of its residential real estate marke... Continue Reading »

Portland: Torn between two Florida cities

Portland comes in between two Florida cities in a recent ranking of the nation’s 30 top metro areas for affordability. It's cheaper to live in Tampa than in Portland, but more expensive in Palm Bea... Continue Reading »

No Signs of a Slowdown for Prices; Market Poised for Supply Increase

Housing inventory is now at its lowest level since January 1994; home sales have exceeded listings for the past 25 months; and the upward trajectory in home prices starting at the end of last year con... Continue Reading »

Column: Ruling upends foreclosure procedures in Oregon

In July 2012, the Oregon Court of Appeals upended established custom and practice when it held that loans managed through the Mortgage Electronic Registration System or MERS can no longer be nonjudici... Continue Reading »

For-Sale Inventory Continues to Fall, But Is Relief on the Way?

The shortage of available homes for sale has become a major trend in advance of the busy spring home shopping season. New research from Zillow indicates that while this inventory crunch is very real, ... Continue Reading »

Zillow: 20% fewer for-sale homes in Portland

Tight inventories have made it a frustrating experience for buyers and it’s not getting any less frustrating, according to figures released today by Seattle-based Zillow.com. The inventory of unsold... Continue Reading »

Basement remodels and more on display as industry takes off

Home remodeling hit its highest level since 2005 in late 2012, just in time for an annual Portland tour of remodeled homes. The Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland reports the remode... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure Inventory Shrinks 21% from Year Ago

While still at an elevated level, foreclosure inventory is fading and has fallen for 15 straight months as of January 2013, CoreLogic reported Thursday. According to the data provider’s foreclosure ... Continue Reading »

Portland foreclosure rate ticked up in December

Although home prices generally rose in the Portland area in 2012, the foreclosure rate remained stubbornly high at the end of the year. CoreLogic Inc. reports the Portland-area foreclosure rate was... Continue Reading »

Case-Shiller: Portland home prices up 6.5 percent in 2012

End-of-year figures compiled for the influential S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices paint a portrait of a housing market in recovery. At the end of the year, all three indices as well as 19 out ... Continue Reading »

Zillow: 28% of Portland homeowners underwater

The percentage of underwater Portland homeowners is right in line with the national average. According to online real estate data company Zillow, the number of homeowners with negative equity was 2... Continue Reading »

FNC: Foreclosure Market Stabilizing as Home Values Rise

With the ongoing housing recovery, the foreclosure market is also stabilizing and foreclosure prices are bottoming out, according to a report from FNC Inc. Foreclosure price discounts are now at pre-h... Continue Reading »

January home sales hit recent high

Homes sales climbed nearly 10 percent in Portland in January to 1,344, according to new data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service, another sign that Oregon's economy continues a steady improveme... Continue Reading »

Survey: Consumers Maintain Positive View Toward Housing Market

In Fannie Mae’s latest housing survey, consumers maintained their expectation for growth in home and rent prices and also expressed more optimism toward the economy. The January 2013 survey found 41... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Prices End 2012 with Biggest Annual Gain in Six Years

National home prices ended the year by posting their biggest annual gain since May 2006, and prices  rose in December for the 10th consecutive month, CoreLogic reported Tuesday. The data provider’s... Continue Reading »

Home Price Expectations Vastly Different from Coast to Coast

On the other side of the country, the West has already dealt with much of its foreclosure inventory, and the region is well-positioned for potential economic growth and rising incomes. Read more...... Continue Reading »

Portland: Not such a great place to buy foreclosed homes in 2013

The Rose City is not going to be a great place to buy a foreclosed home this year. RealtyTrac, an Irvine, Calif.-based real estate research firm, released its year-end foreclosure report and list of ... Continue Reading »

Portland-area home sales jump by $1.3 billion in 2012; inventory a concern.

The final numbers for 2012 are in, and the Portland-area housing market showed improvement -- about $1.3 billion worth. The home-sales numbers for the year, released Friday by the Regional Multiple... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure rate drops in Oregon, U.S.

A pair of reports today paints an improving picture for the residential market. Foreclosure rates are dropping locally and across the nation and the number of homes worth less than the outstanding mor... Continue Reading »

Housing Affordability Index to Set Annual Record for 2012

WASHINGTON (January 9, 2013) - With 11 months of data reported, 2012 will clearly go down as a record year for favorable housing affordability conditions, and a great year for buyers who could get a m... Continue Reading »

Clear Capital: Portland home prices to rise

Portland area home prices will rise 4.7 percent in the coming year. That is the 14th fastest growth rate in the country according to a projection by Clear Capital, a Truckee, Calif.-based real estate... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Shadow Inventory Shrinks 12% from Year Ago in October

As of October 2012, 2.3 million housing units still remain in shadow inventory, CoreLogic reported Wednesday. The total translates into a supply of 7 months and sits 12.3 percent lower than the 2.6 mi... Continue Reading »

Residential forecast favors sellers

Low inventories continue to plague Portland’s residential market, with one broker forecasting a “severe seller’s” market continuing into spring. Read more...... Continue Reading »

Investing: Healing housing may lead economy back

If you've ever bought a new home, you know that the delightful ritual of closing – wherein you write an enormous check to the bank, and swear to write a series of 360 large ones – isn't the only s... Continue Reading »

U.S. home prices predicted to rise 3.1% in 2013

U.S. home prices won't rise as much in 2013 as they did in 2012, according to a panel of housing experts. U.S. home prices should rise 3.1 percent next year, compared with the 4.6 percent rise record... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Rental income profit, demand remain strong for investors

Rental income on residential properties shot up 12% over last year during the month of September as rents continued to rise on new demand, CoreLogic ($27.25 0%) said in its latest December MarketPulse... Continue Reading »

Portland ranks sixth for home sellers

Portland ranks sixth in the nation for the relative strength of home sellers, based on a combination of rising prices and falling inventories. The median asking price for a Portland home was $309,900... Continue Reading »

Freddie Mac’s Serious Delinquency Rate Slips to Three-Year Low

Freddie Mac’s single-family seriously delinquent rate decreased from 3.37 percent in September to 3.31 percent in October—the lowest it’s been since August 2009. Read more...... Continue Reading »

Home prices hold as selling season eases

Home prices held steady in September as the market entered the slowest selling season of the year. A national composite of home prices rose 3.6 percent in the third quarter compared to the same peri... Continue Reading »

Portland, OR -Recent Figures for New Home Closings Suggest Market Decline is Subsiding

The Portland, OR market saw a drop in new home closings year-over-year in July, but with a percentage decline less harsh than June 2012, there are hints the market may be leveling out. Closings fell 9... Continue Reading »

Best, worst U.S. markets for vacancy rates

More than 95 percent of all houses, apartments and condominiums in the San Jose area are occupied, a distinction that no other major market can claim. Just 28,100 of San Jose's 650,700 housing units ... Continue Reading »

Fannie Mae Releases Forecast on Housing, Economy

Given improvements seen in housing, Fannie Mae revised its housing forecast higher for 2012 and 2013 in its November economic outlook report. According to the GSE, the fundamentals are set in place fo... Continue Reading »

Uneven housing forecast for next year

The housing market recovery is driven by an improving industry and credit fundamentals, which will continue through 2013, according to Barclays Securitized Products Research. However, there are major... Continue Reading »

Zillow: Fiscal cliff may derail negative equity decline

First the first time since 2011, negative equity declined 30%, which is also the largest quarter-over-quarter drop, according to the Zillow ($23.49 0%) third quarter Negative Equity Report. About 28... Continue Reading »

Portland home sales build momentum

Portland home sales continued to build momentum in October, according to new data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service. In the Portland market, 2,103 homes sold in October, a 42.7 percent incre... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Rising house prices linked to rental demand

High levels of investor activity and rising home prices put the housing market in recovery mode this year, but the real estate market for first time homebuyers is far from fully recovered, CoreLogic ... Continue Reading »

Prices Are Up, but Credit Must Be Addressed for Full Recovery

Even though President Obama and Governor Romney were criticized for evading housing issues when running for president, Clear Capital asserts the “sprint” in housing still spoke positively for Obam... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Portland home prices up 4.1%

Portland-area home prices increased 4.1 percent in September compared to a year ago, according to the latest take on the residential market. Santa Ana, Calif.-based CoreLogic reports local home price... Continue Reading »

Case-Shiller: Home prices solidify in Portland, nation

Home prices showed broad signs of solidifying in August. With a few rare exceptions, home prices continued their season-long trek upward in 20 cities tracked by the S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Ind... Continue Reading »

Home prices rise in 3Q, but Zillow forecasts sawtoothed recovery

U.S. home prices rose 1.3% in the third quarter, the biggest quarterly gain since 2006, but the recovery will be uneven, Zillow ($36.03 -0.69%) said. The 3Q price increase marks the fourth consecuti... Continue Reading »

Portland, OR – Recent Figures for New Home Closings Suggest Market Decline is Subsiding

The Portland, OR market saw a drop in new home closings year-over-year in July, but with a percentage decline less harsh than June 2012, there are hints the market may be leveling out. Closings fell 9... Continue Reading »

West Coast Foreclosure Starts Plunge in September: ForeclosureRadar

Foreclosure starts fell dramatically in all five West Coast states tracked by Foreclosure Radar, confirming suspicions that a foreclosure wave may not arrive. “It was recently reported that the nati... Continue Reading »

Home sales, prices inch up

The rebound in the residential real estate market continued in September, according to new data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service. In the Portland area, 1,894 homes sold in September, a 19 p... Continue Reading »

Asking Prices Up, Rent Prices Rising Faster than Home Prices: Trulia

If current trends persist, this year may be the first year since 2006 the housing market records an annual price increase, according to a report released Thursday by Trulia.  At the current rate of c... Continue Reading »

New Home vs. Old Home – Which Home Is Best for Your Buyer? – RISMedia –

The real estate market is full of a great variety of homes for potential buyers to choose from. One of the first decisions a potential buyer must consider is their preference for finding an existing h... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic: Portland home prices rise 4%

You can add another data point to the pile of information on a slowly recovering residential real estate market. CoreLogic reported Tuesday that housing prices continued to climb nationally and in Po... Continue Reading »

Home Prices Forecast to Weather Winter, but Will Congress Ice Gains?

Home prices continued to reclaim lost ground in September with increases recorded for every corner of the country, Clear Capital reported Tuesday. Improvements have been so strong, in fact, the real e... Continue Reading »

More evidence of housing recovery: Price per square foot rising in most active markets

WASHINGTON (MarketWatch)—Here’s another sign that a housing recovery is afoot: Prices on a per-square-foot basis rose in 78 of the nation’s 100 most active housing markets over the latest three-... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Rates Break Low Records Again as QE3 Starts

It’s unknown whether or not the Federal Reserve’s new stimulus will be able to whip the economy back into shape, but one thing’s for sure: It’s sent mortgage rates plummeting. Freddie Mac’s ... Continue Reading »

Radar Logic: Home Prices Hit Peak in July, Distressed Sales Plunge

Home prices have hit their peak for the year, and the price increases seen earlier this year are slowing down, according to the latest data from Radar Logic. The firm’s composite price index posted ... Continue Reading »

Home prices, building permits point to residential recovery

Home prices and building permits both rose over the summer in Portland, twin signs pointing to a sustained recovery in the battered residential housing market. Portland area home prices rose 3.2 perc... Continue Reading »

Why REO Discounts Vary So Greatly: FHFA

Calculations for REO discounts can differ on extreme levels. In a mortgage market note from FHFA, the agency explained the common reasons behind the variations. The note stated that REO discounts hear... Continue Reading »

Rent or Buy? The Real Question Is, Your Money or Your Freedom?

From apartments and cars to clothing and furniture, huge numbers of the "Recession Generation" (20- to 34-year-olds) are choosing to rent their possessions, according to Bloomberg.It's understandable ... Continue Reading »

Demand returning for two- to four-unit ‘plexes’

Portland’s residential market posted one of its strongest months in years in August. Not surprising, the residential rebound is driving a revival in a related market: Small apartment complexes Read ... Continue Reading »

Portland home sales hit five-year high

More than 2,300 Portland area homes were sold in August, the most sales in a single month since August 2007, when 2,554 homes sold, according to new data from the Regional Multiple Listing Service. Re... Continue Reading »

Trulia: Buying a home is 45% cheaper than renting

It's more affordable to buy a home than to rent in the 100 largest metros in the nation. That's the case if you plan to stay in the home for seven years, which is the average time Americans traditiona... Continue Reading »

July Home Prices See Biggest Yearly Increase Since 2006: CoreLogic

Home prices in July saw the biggest nationwide year-over-year increase since August 2006, CoreLogicreported Tuesday. According to the company’s July Home Price Index (HPI), home prices-including di... Continue Reading »

Report: Homeownership at Lowest Rate in Nearly 50 Years

Whether by choice or circumstance, it seems fewer and fewer people are sharing in the American dream. A report released Monday from John Burns Real Estate Consulting revealed that the “real” homeo... Continue Reading »

S&P Case-Shiller: Home prices up across the board

Home prices in the second quarter gained across all headline composite indices measured in the latest Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller report. This is the first time all three headline composites s... Continue Reading »

Analysis: Investors Driving Recovery as Activity Surges

A recent analysis from John Burns Real Estate Consulting suggests that investors may be the biggest driving force in the housing recovery. In a report from the company, senior research analyst Erik Fr... Continue Reading »

New Short Sale Guidelines for GSEs Will Make Process Easier

Starting November 1, 2012, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac will implement new short sale guidelines to make the approval process easier for eligible borrowers. “These new guidelines demonstrate FHFA’s ... Continue Reading »

Tight Portland home market eases, prices rise

Rising prices finally have induced Portland area homeowners to list their properties. For the first time in recent memory, the number of homes going up for sale turned positive, according to figures ... Continue Reading »

Western States See Mixed Foreclosure Numbers for July

ForeclosureRadar’s Foreclosure Report for July 2012 showed mixed month-over-month trends from state to state but revealed an overall year-over-year decline in foreclosure filings. The report, releas... Continue Reading »

10 Tips for Renovating Your Basement

Remodeling a basement is no small feat. Unless you live in a newer home that's planned for a potential remodel, most houses aren’t equipped with basements intended to be transformed into living spac... Continue Reading »

Freddie Mac: Shadow Inventory Unlikely to Bring Down Prices

Freddie Mac isn’t afraid of shadows. The GSE released its U.S. Economic and Housing Market Outlook for August on Wednesday, examining recent trends in home price indices and speculating on the impa... Continue Reading »

CoreLogic reports jump in Portland home prices

Portland area home prices outperformed the nation, rising 4.5 percent in June compared to 2.5 percent for the nation. CoreLogic, a Santa Ana, Calif.-based real estate research firm, said Tuesday the ... Continue Reading »

Oregon No. 41 in real estate closing costs

Oregon has some of the lowest closing costs in the country associated with buying a home. According to a study conducted by the mortgage data provider Bankrate.com, average closing costs in Oregon th... Continue Reading »

Home prices rose in all major US cities in May

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Home prices rose in May from April in every city tracked by a leading index, a sign that increasing sales and tight inventories are supporting a modest housing recovery. The Standa... Continue Reading »

Home sales, prices rising in North Portland, but supply of homes for sale is falling

North Portland home prices are rising at one of the highest rates in the metro area, but very few homes are available. A June home-sale report from the Regional Multiple Listing Service released last ... Continue Reading »

Fixed Rates See New Bottom

The search for a new low is still on as fixed-rates continue to break record-lows week after week. According to Freddie Mac’s survey, fixed rates fell again following reports showing a slowdown in c... Continue Reading »

Americans Sees Biggest Home Equity Jump in 60 Years: Mortgages

Home equity in the first quarter rose to $6.7 trillion, the highest level since 2008, as homeowners taking advantage of record-low borrowing costs to refinance their loans brought cash to the table to... Continue Reading »

Shadow Inventory Drops to Lowest Level Since 2008, CoreLogic Reports

As of April 2012, 1.5 million homes are in shadow inventory, which is a 14.8 percent decrease from last year in April when the number of homes hiding in the shadows was 1.8 million, CoreLogic reported... Continue Reading »

Study: Oregon No. 2 fastest-growing economy

Oregon was among the hardest-hit states during the recession, with an unemployment rate that peaked at 11.6 percent in mid-2009. The state is now, however, one of the fastest to bounce back. Read more... Continue Reading »

It’s Not Your Imagination: Rent Prices Really Have Been Rising

Thanks to cheap home prices and mortgage rates at historic lows, it’s easy to  argue that now is the ideal time to buy a home. But many would-be  buyers are worried the market hasn’t yet reached... Continue Reading »

Rising home values give cause for optimism

There’s cause for optimism about home values according to a pair of reports. CoreLogic Inc CoreLogic IncLatest from The Business JournalsCoreLogic: Phoenix leads the nation in home value gainsMetro... Continue Reading »

Home prices are about more than housing

NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Measures of home prices have become as numerous as dandelions in the lawn of a foreclosed home. The National Association of Realtors, real-estate websites CoreLogic and Trul... Continue Reading »

Portland home prices hit post-recession low

Portland area home prices hit a new post-recession low in March, but the dismal numbers are likely temporary. Local home prices fell 2.8 percent in March compared to a year ago. Nationwide, prices fel... Continue Reading »

Zillow: Home Values See Highest Monthly Increase Since 2006

Zillow issued a released Friday reporting that both national home values and rents rose in the month of April. According to the April Zillow Real Estate Market Reports, national home values rose 0.7 p... Continue Reading »

Recovery News: U.S. Home Sales Up 3.4% in April

Existing-home sales rose in April and remain above a year ago, while home prices continued to rise, according to the National Association of Realtors. The improvements in sales and prices were broad b... Continue Reading »

Look Ahead: Existing Home Sales

Existing home sales for April will be released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) at 10 AM ET.   Existing home sales were at a 4.48 million seasonally adjusted annual rate in March, and t... Continue Reading »

Real estate market brightens for home sellers

The Portland-area home market tightened significantly in April as the inventory of for-sale properties dipped well into seller-friendly territory. Prices remain stable and don’t yet reflect the imba... Continue Reading »

Housing Recovery to Occur in Two Phases: Demand Institute

The housing recovery will come in two phases. First, home prices will rise by just under 1 percent in the second half of 2012. In 2013, prices will rise by 1.5 percent, then go up another 2.5 percent ... Continue Reading »

Is Now the Time to Buy Your First House?

It's been a scary few years for the housing market. But at some point, the nightmare has to end (please?). Is now the time? Should first-time home buyers consider jumping into the market? After all, h... Continue Reading »

Portland, OR – Freshest New Home Sales Increase Year-Over-Year in February After Falling Year-Over-Year in January

In the Portland, OR market, new home sales increased year-over-year in February, snapping back from a drop in January 2012. New home sales rose by 2.8% in February 2012 from a year earlier, after sale... Continue Reading »

Mortgage Tax Benefit: What’s the Real Value of Your Mortgage?

Your home is likely your biggest investment, so knowing exactly what you're paying for it is just common sense. But when people map out the life of their mortgage and the total cost -- even factoring ... Continue Reading »

Build or Buy? A Housing Market Dilemma

The spring house-buying season is underway, and early signs point to  the beginnings of a recovery in the housing market. Houses are priced to  sell, rents are on the rise, and mortgage rates are at... Continue Reading »

Residential Distressed Properties for January – March 2012

This chart shows the number of Bank Owned and Short Sales in all areas of the RMLS™ system during the first quarter of 2012. To download or print the chart, click here. *If you want information on ... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure rates inch up, but pace slows

Residential foreclosure rates rose slightly in Oregon in March even as the overall pace slowed dramatically. CoreLogic CoreLogicLatest from The Business JournalsDallas area, national foreclosures cont... Continue Reading »

NAR: Pending home sales rise to highest level in 2 years

Pending home sales increased in March and are well above a year ago, according to the National Association of Realtors. NAR’s pending home sales index, a forward-looking indicator based on contract ... Continue Reading »

Zillow Projects Prices to Fall 0.4%; Some Markets to Hit Bottom and Rise

According to the ZillowHome Value Forecast, prices are projected to fall 0.4 percent over the next year, but not all markets are expected to see this decline, with several already appearing to have re... Continue Reading »

Portland home prices sink in February, Maybe

Portland area home prices hit a new post-crisis low in February, retreating to levels comparable to July 2004 levels. The S&P Case-Shiller Home Prices Indices, released Tuesday, showed nine citie... Continue Reading »

Top 10 metros with greatest drop in for-sale inventory

Editor's note: Data collected and analyzed by Realtor.com through March 2012. Includes single-family homes, condos, townhomes and co-ops.  U.S. housing market trends tracked by Realtor.com show a tr... Continue Reading »

Inventory drops, home sales pick up in Portland

Home sales are increasing as the number of homes for sale continues to drop. Data released Friday by the Regional Multiple Listing Service shows 1,694 Portland-area homes sold in March, a near 5 perce... Continue Reading »

Oregon foreclosures plunge nearly 30%

The number of Oregon homes in some stage of foreclosure declined dramatically in the first quarter. According to data from Irvine, Calif.-based RealtyTrac, 4,979 Oregon homeowners experienced some ty... Continue Reading »

Home prices show signs of stabilizing

Home prices showed signs of stabilizing in February as CoreLogic CoreLogic Latest from The Business Journals Follow this company reported a slowdown in price declines. The Santa Ana, Calif.-based r... Continue Reading »

Case-Shiller: Portland home prices hit record low

Air continues to leak from the residential market as Portland posted record low home prices in January. Portland-area home prices fell 4.3 percent compared to a year ago. Home prices now stand at Jul... Continue Reading »

Buying cheaper than renting in nearly 100 major U.S. markets: Trulia

Buying is more affordable than renting in 98 out of the nation's 100 largest metropolitan areas — even in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, according to real estate company Trulia's rent vs. buy ind... Continue Reading »

Home Prices Start to Rise, Sales Trend Higher: Housing Recovery Underway

For the first time in 18 months, home prices in February rose higher. With a median price of $171,881, prices in the 53 cities surveyed by the RE/MAX National Housing Report rose by 1.1% over February... Continue Reading »

New Real Estate Poll: Americans Increasingly Optimistic about Homeownership

Americans are significantly more optimistic about homeownership than they were a year ago. That’s according to a new national survey released this week from Prudential Real Estate, a Brookfield Resi... Continue Reading »

Portland homes prices up 4.3 percent

Portland home prices showed both month-over-month and year-over-year improvement in February. According to the Regional Multiple Listings Service, the average sales price of a Portland home was $255,... Continue Reading »

Portland foreclosure rate fell in December

Portland Business Journal by Wendy Culverwell The foreclosure rate for the Portland area fell slightly in December compared to the prior year. CoreLogic Inc. CoreLogic Inc.Latest from The Business J... Continue Reading »

White House unveils mortgage-relief plan

By Greg Robb and Ronald D. Orol, MarketWatch WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — The White House announced Tuesday that it was cutting the mortgage fees charged by the Federal Housing Administration’s r... Continue Reading »

NAR Housing Affordability Index hits 42-year high in January

The National Association of Realtors' (NAR) Housing Affordability Index reached a record high this January, at 206.1. January 2012 is the first month since the index's inception in 1970 that the index... Continue Reading »

Portland home prices lose 3 percent of value

Portland-area homes lost 3 percent of their value in January compared to one year ago. The latest figures from CoreLogic CoreLogicLatest from The Business JournalsFollow this company        ... Continue Reading »

Housing Expected to Add to GDP for First Time in 7 Years

The 2012 outlook is improving modestly from a disappointing 2011. Economic growth picked up in the fourth quarter of 2011 to 2.8 percent and is expected to come in at 2.3 percent for 2012, up from 1.6... Continue Reading »

Portland homes sell faster as price, inventory drop

Portland area homes sold faster in January as prices and the inventory of for-sale properties dropped. The Regional Multiple Listing Service Regional Multiple Listing ServiceLatest from The Business ... Continue Reading »

FHA Should Reinstate 203(k) Loans for Investors

RISMedia Opinion: The Federal Housing Administration’s (FHA) rehabilitation loan program, commonly known as 203(k), can be a valuable tool to help deal with the REO problems faced by communities acr... Continue Reading »

Portland 13th for home appreciation

Portland ranked 13th in the U.S. for home price appreciation in the latest take on the U.S. residential market. Truckee, Calif.-based Clear Capital Clear CapitalLatest from The Business JournalsWashin... Continue Reading »

Foreclosure deal may net troubled Ore. homeowners

Oregon Attorney General John Kroger on Wednesday announced that the state has signed onto a multi-state settlement over mishandled foreclosures. The approximately $25 billion settlement with leading ... Continue Reading »

3 ways homebuyers kill their own real estate deals

 I recently bought a couple of spa treatment packages for a  friend's birthday (as much as a gift to myself as to her, to be sure). The  package included a pedicure and a massage for the price of t... Continue Reading »

Portland No. 11 apartment market in U.S.

Portland is one of the leading markets for apartments in a new report out this week. Marcus & Millichap Marcus & Millichap Latest from The Business Journals Notable Commercial Real Estate De... Continue Reading »

Obama Pledges to Refinance Millions of Mortgages at Today’s Rates

Housing got only a brief mention in President Obama’s highly anticipated jobs speech Thursday night. But it was a pledge that some pundits say is finally a step in the right direction. Others say it... Continue Reading »

Government Extends Mortgage Forbearance for Unemployed

With no sustained pickup in the job market, over six million Americans have been unemployed for longer than 27 weeks. Such extended periods of joblessness remain the predominant force behind high volu... Continue Reading »

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