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Caring for Pets During a Move

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You love your pets. They are part of the family, after all. However, when moving to a new home it can be easy to forget that uprooting pets from their usual space can be a disorienting and upsetting ordeal for them. Here are some tips so you can better transition when it comes time to move.


Plan ahead with your vet


First of all, vets are pros when it comes to stressed out animals. If you are unsure, ask for any tips or tricks that they suggest for helping your particular animal adjust. Vets are also the ones to talk to about getting your pet chipped if you haven’t already. Cats and dogs in particular have been known to get confused and try to go back to your old house.


Scout your neighborhood for a new vet


Your current vet might actually have some suggestions depending on how far away you’re moving or what your pet’s needs are. Even if you are not established at a new vet by the time you move, knowing what your options are and where the nearest 24 hour clinic is is a good thing to have on hand in case there is a pet related emergency mid move.


Do some test runs


If you have to keep your pet on a leash, moved around in a carrier, or travel in the car, make sure moving day isn’t the first time they experience it. Spacing out your pets’ new experiences can go a long way in keeping their stress levels down.


Leave their bed/cage/tank alone as long as you can


As boxes start piling up and the environment around your pet starts changing, they might not take it well. Try to keep your pet’s bed and food dishes is their normal spot as long as possible to help keep a sense of normality for them.


Make sure you have enough food


Sure you don’t want to have a costco sized bag of dog food or a container of live bugs for your lizard to haul around during the move, but make sure you don’t cut it so close that you run out of pet food the day you move. You’ll have enough going on without having to run one more errand to pick up pet food.


Keep a pet kit handy


Place all your essential pet items in one tote or box and keep it easily accessible during the move. Things to include in your kit are your pet’s food, water dish, treats, leash, and basic cleaning supplies.


Doggy Daycare


During the actual moving day (unless you are making a cross country trip), keep your pet out of the house. This way you know they’re safe with people in and out, running around with boxes and they won’t get stressed out seeing everything change. Maybe a friend or family member can pet sit for the day. It’s also worth looking into a local doggy daycare, especially if you’re looking into a new one. Most doggy daycares require a trial day, so why not use moving day to establish a daycare for the future?

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