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Dining Hotspots Worth Checking Out Around Portland

Looking for somewhere new to eat out? Aim for any one of these areas and explore the cluster of restaurants each has to offer.

  1. Multnomah Village– Feel like a small town stroll? Multnomah has fantastic brunch spots without the long waits you will find closer into Portland and, after you eat, you can peruse the local bookstore, toy store, and bead shop.

  2. Downtown Lake Oswego– Feel like a quiet dinner by the water? Downtown LO is the place to go when you feel like eating a nice dinner out without the bustle of the city.  

  3. Hawthorne District– Feel like getting away from chain restaurants? Hawthorne is a perfect example of how Portland knows how to do indie cuisine right.

  4. Mississippi- Feel like everything and can’t decide where to go? Mississippi has a little of everything, from southern specialties to scrumptious bbq to wood fired pizza to specialty ice cream to brunch comfort food.

  5. 21st and 23rd- Feel like checking out classic Portland dining? Try one of the restaurants in the long time acclaimed dining hotspot.

  6. Alberta– Feel like embracing Portland’s artistic center? Whether vegetarian, gluten free, or only eat meat and potatoes, everyone will find somewhere great to eat in the this vibrant and lively district.

  7. Downtown Oregon City- Feel like that hometown atmosphere? Head south to Oregon City for a relaxed, small town meal with downtown Portland quality choices.

  8. Saint Johns- Feel like a picnic? Take your pick of one of the locally owned shops or cafes and head over to Cathedral Park for a great outdoor lunch.

  9. Sellwood– Feel like exploring on a sunny Saturday afternoon? Grab a coffee and take a stroll around before deciding between the variety of great lunch spots in this independent little neighborhood.

  10. Division– Feel like eating all day every day? Southeast Division Street is home to one of largest and most popular dining clusters in Portland. Any time of day you want to eat, Division Street has you covered with options on options.

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