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Here’s What 1 Million Dollars Buys In Housing Markets Around The World

In Capetown, South Africa, $1 million goes a pretty long way.

A million-dollar home sounds like a major luxury. But $1 million buys something vastly different in cities around the world.In New York City, for example, where the median home sale price is $1.2 million, a million bucks buys a decent one-bedroom apartment. In Buenos Aires, on the other hand, it buys a four-bedroom pad in a fancy neighborhood.Our friends at Point2Homes helped us find properties in major cities across the world for around $1 million U.S. They range from small flats to spacious houses. 


In Capetown, $981,000 buys a 10,000-square-foot, five-bedroom mountainside home with a bar and private theater.

white house
Price: $981,510 U.S. (10,500,000 R)

In Dubai, $1.09 million gets a two-bedroom apartment with 1,900 square feet and an ocean view.

two bedroom condo

Price: $1,088,954 (4 million AED)

In Sydney, $1 million buys a 990-square-foot apartment steps away from the Royal Botanic Gardens. Features include high ceilings, a communal roof terrace with harbor views, and a grand entrance foyer.


990-square-foot apartment

Price: $1,009,543 ($1,075,000 AUD)

In Tokyo, $1.05 million buys a 1,357-square-foot, multilevel home described as a modern and open detached house with an open ceiling space.



multilevel home

Price: $1,050,000 (¥105,000,000)

In London, $993,600 gets a three-bedroom, three-bathroom, 909-square-foot apartment with a balcony.



apartment with a balcony

Price: $993,601 (580,000 pounds)

In New York, $995,000 buys a one-bedroom, 640-square-foot apartment in the West Village. The building has a private rooftop terrace, 24-hour doorman, fitness room, and laundry room.

640-square-foot apartment


Price: $995,000

In Kiev, $1 million buys a three-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with heated floors and a home cinema in 2,153 square feet.

two-bathroom apartment

Price: $1,000,000 (€ 735,800)

In São Paulo, $1.1 million gets a five-bedroom, six-bathroom home on a tree-lined street. The 4,090-square-foot house has a pool and fireplace.

Price: $1,127,500 (2,495,012 BRL)

In Monte Carlo, $1.02 million pays for a tiny, 377-square-foot studio with a half-equipped independent kitchen in the city center.

377-square-foot studio

Price: $1,021,061 (€ 750 000 )

In Paris, $1 million gets a third-floor, one-bedroom apartment near Avenue Victor Hugo that’s 635 square feet.


one-bedroom apartment near Avenue Victor Hugo

Price: $1,007,447 (€ 740.000  )

In Hong Kong, $1 million buys a three-bedroom apartment with sea views in Discovery Bay.

three-bedroom apartment

Price: $1,006,445 (7,800,000 HK)

In Rome, $1 million buys a 969-square-foot space next to the Palace of Expositions. The apartment has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and a lofted living room.

969-square-foot space next to the Palace of Expositions

Price: $1,007,447 (€ 740,000)

In Geneva, $997,000 buys an 807-square-foot downtown pad with one bedroom, a living room, kitchen, and bathroom.

807-square-foot downtown pad

Price: $996,741 (CHF 890,000)

In Bangkok, $967,000 pays for a furnished five-bedroom, six-bathroom house on nearly 5,000 square feet of land with a massive living room and beautiful views.

5,000 square feet of land with a massive living room and beautiful views

Price: $969,696 (32,000,000 baht)

In Istanbul, $1.2 million gets a waterfront apartment with three bedrooms and a large terrace overlooking the Black Sea.

overlooking the Black Sea

Price: $1,200,000 (2,545,020 TRY)

In Houston, $1.09 million gets a 6,879-square-foot, six-bedroom home overlooking a bayou. It has an elevator, two wet bars, and a two-story formal living room.

6,879-square-foot house

Price: $1,090,000

In Cartagena, $1 million gets a recently renovated three-bedroom, four-bathroom apartment with a terrace and jacuzzi.

In Cartagena

Price: $1,000,000 ($1.850.000.000 Col. Pesos)

In Munich, $990,500 buys a 1,227-square-foot penthouse with three bedrooms, two bathrooms, two roof terraces, a living room and a dining room.



In Munich

Price: $990,500 (€ 729,000)

In Buenos Aires, $1 million buys a 4,305-square-foot apartment with nine rooms in the posh Recoleta neighborhood.

In Buenos Aires
Price: $1,000,000 (8,149,996 Argentine pesos)

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