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Jackson Wang

Mark is a veteran of the Portland housing market and it shows. He is also a voice of reason in a highly complex, competitive, and dynamic market. We engaged several Realtors at first and Mark stood out from the crowd with his professionalism, knowledge, and thoroughness. When we began our search, we looked at everything and everywhere because we didn’t know exactly what we wanted and there’s so much variety in Portland. Mark patiently showed us many homes and we eventually figured out what we didn’t want and also what we really had to have.

For a first time home buyer, this process can be prolonged but Mark managed to give us the perfect amount of space to do our own discoveries, but really came to our aid when we needed him, especially when timing pressures were high. We learned a lot through this process with Mark and ultimate found what we were looking for. Even in this highly competitive market, Mark was able to successfully negotiate a great deal under list price for us. Thanks Mark!

07/16/2015 –¬†Jackson Wang

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