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Jennifer & John

To put it simply, Mark was fantastic. My husband and I were first time home buyers who were looking in a specific neighborhood and fell in love with a very specific house that was being renovated and wasn’t even on the market yet. Despite the house not being on the market it still had several competing offers, but Mark was able to ensure that ours was the most attractive, not just in price but in other aspects as well. He counseled us to be patient while we waited on pins and needles during the three day offer process.

We listened to his advice and our offer was accepted. After our offer was accepted, the deal was exceedingly difficult due to the seller running into major financial difficulties during the renovation process. The seller demanded we close despite the house not being finished and his realtor had no client control. We came to a major impasse and thought the deal was dead several times. At one point the seller sent us a termination agreement when we refused to close. Mark told us to hang tight and assured us he had revived deals more contentious than this one. He was right. He came up with creative solutions to every challenge that we faced along the way, and was able to assist both parties in working things out in a mutually beneficial manner so that we could get the house.

This was an extremely tough transaction and there is no way we would have ended up with the house we wanted without Mark’s help. We were on the phone with him frequently over a period of several months and always found him to be available and happy to help. We almost felt guilty when we considered the hours he must put in, but whether in the morning, evening, on the weekend, or even during the time when he briefly traveled out of state, Mark was there to guide us through the journey.

We can’t say that we enjoyed the home buying process, but we were grateful that we found Mark Ross, and he was ultimately able to guide us to a successful result. We emphatically recommend Mark Ross to anyone looking to buy their next home.

10/12/2015 – Jennifer

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