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Mark proved invaluable in our search for and purchase of a home in Portland, OR. Unlike other brokers who were either non-responsive or demanded exclusivity before answering any questions, Mark was helpful and happy to share his expansive knowledge of Portland real estate from the first moments we spoke to him. Recognizing his expertise and his ability to quickly understand what we were after, Mark was an easy pick as a representative. He provided excellent feedback on homes we identified as well as sending us recommended properties he sourced. With Mark’s help we made a couple of offers and were able to land a fixer-upper in a great area from a difficult seller. Not only did Mark shepherd the transaction through to closing, he was able to obtain valuable concessions from the seller at a time when every dollar counted on our end. We couldn’t be happier and we give Mark the highest recommendation to anyone looking for real estate in the Northwest.

6/28/18- Nadir

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