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Nature and Parks in Portland

Oregon is a naturally beautiful state with incredible parks, trails, mountains and ski resorts filling the state. Every neighborhood Portland has a park for residents to enjoy spending time outdoors in the beautiful Portland scenery.

Nature and Parks in Portland

Portland has over 10,000 acres of public parks and other natural areas. Including Forest Park, the largest municipal park in the United States.

Arbor Lodge Park

Arbor Lodge Park is 8.4 acres of pure fun. This area allows dogs to run free of the leashes, as a horseshoe pit, paved paths, picnic tables, a soccer field, public art, a softball field, and tennis courts.

Cathedral Park

Cathedral Park has a boat dock, boat ramp, leash-free dog area, picnic tables, a state and even a canoe launch. The park is 23.09 acres.

Northgate Park

Northgate Park is over 10 acres and offers a baseball field, playground, soccer field, softball field, tennis court, water play area, paved paths and a picnic area with picnic tables.

Frazer Park

Frazer Park was acquired in 1950 and is 3.9 acres. The park was once the site of the Frazer Detention Home for Juvenile Court. The detention home’s cement floor is now used as a play court. The park also has a leash-free area for dogs, picnic tables, a playground and a basketball court.

Living in Portland

There are so many opportunities to spend as much time outside as one could ever want in Portland. The parks that fill Portland offer neighborhoods a place for residents to get together and watch their kids play and spend time being outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Adults can enjoy leisure sports and plenty of walking trails offering beautiful views of all the nature Portland has to offer.

Living in Portland allows for people to venture outside of their homes into a community that has so much outdoor activity to offer within safe and welcoming communities.

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