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Beaverton-Condos For Sale in Beaverton Oregon

From luxury condominiums to architecturally diverse homes, Beaverton and Hillsboro has something for everyone. You can find any preferred style of living in these areas, as there is a diverse population full of people from all cultures and backgrounds.

Living in Beaverton and Hillsboro

Beaverton and Hillsboro are family-friendly cities, known for their attractive and well-planned neighborhoods. Residents have easy access to a wide variety of community services, including the largest shopping district in west metropolitan Portland located in Beaverton.

Both cities have plenty of green space, with vast amounts of parks, hiking trails and bike paths. Beaverton and Hillsboro residents can enjoy outdoor activities like ski slopes to the east and beaches to the west.

The Beaverton and Hillsboro communities are the perfect balance between family life and vast adventure, which is why the communities are so diverse. They truly offer something special for anyone.

Real Estate in Beaverton and Hillsboro

There are a variety of condos and townhomes throughout Beaverton for those looking for apartment-style living with opportunity to own property and build equity.

For those who would like to rent, there are plenty of apartment complexes in both Beaverton and Hillsboro that offer great amenities and spacious 1,2 and 3 bedroom spaces.

Families looking for the communities and neighborhoods to live in have countless options in both Beaverton and Hillsboro. There are both new developments and established neighborhoods available to find a home that will cater to their needs. Whether you want to live in a large home, a small home on large lot or a low-maintenance lot, near schools, or if you want to live in a secluded home in the country, it’s all possible in Beaverton and Hillsboro.

The easy access to the city makes Hillsboro and Beaverton great places to live if you don’t want to be involved in the hustle and bustle of the city, but still want to live close enough to enjoy it.

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