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Luxury Homes and Real Estate in Lake Oswego

Lake Oswego is known for its luxurious and grand homes both on the golf course and on the water, as well as for its natural beauty with the spectacular views of the Willamette River, Oswego Lake and the mountains.

Buying Luxury Homes and Real Estate in Lake Oswego

If you are looking to purchase a luxury home or a real estate property in Lake Oswego, there are many different options. There are several lakefront properties, properties in the First Addition and properties on the golf course. Our agents at Ross NW Real Estate can show you luxury properties in every area. The average price of a luxury home in Lake Oswego is 1.1 million dollars, but prices vary on depending on the size of the home and the area of Lake Oswego the property is located in.

Lake Oswego was originally built in the early 1900s as a shipping corridor, but became a place for summer homes for the wealthy people of Portland. Lake Oswego has a very resort-like feel and many of the neighborhoods don’t have sidewalks or curbs and are surrounded by greenery and tall cedar trees.

Lake Oswego Luxury Homes

Lake Oswego is full of old charm. The First Addition is luxurious area full of old cottages and fill-in homes. It isn’t uncommon to see a 2 million dollar home next to a vintage English cottage in the First Addition. The location of the First Addition is ideal for those who enjoy walking to shops, restaurants and entertainment spots in the upscale downtown area.

If you are looking to live on the water in Lake Oswego, the Lakeview-Summit neighborhood is the place to be. Enjoy a stunning view of the water and watch the sunset. Homes in the Lakeview-Summit neighborhood are full of amenities and upgrades and will give you solace and peace living just outside of the city.

Lake Oswego offers a farmer’s market every Sunday and is a great place to raise a family outside the spotlight of a grand city scheme. There are plenty of lake activities to do such as kayaking, boating and water skiing. During the holidays the community comes together for a tree lighting ceremony.

Whether you want to reside in a luxury Lake Oswego home year-round, during the holidays or only during the summer, this community has something to offer for everyone at any time of the year.

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