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Homes For Sale in West Linn

The beautiful and peaceful city of West Linn is southeast of downtown, just close enough to the city, but far enough to enjoy open space and plenty of greenery. The founder of the area, Robert Moore, renamed the town Linn City to honor his friend and free-state advocate Dr. Lewis F. Linn, a senator from Missouri. West Linn is characterized by the gently rolling hills and developments along the river surrounded by trees and parks.

West Linn has 548 acres of parks and open land with 20 different parks supporting a growing community. West Linn has been named a Tree City for 11 years because of its dedication to supporting wildlife and nature.

Over 25,000 people reside in the quiet bedroom community of West Linn. The city is home to many families because of its safe and quant character. This historic town is one that many people enjoy living in to escape a fast-paced city life and raise a family.

If you enjoy a quiet lifestyle filled with sunsets, morning coffee and curling up with a good book, West Linn is a place that you will enjoy calling home. The lifestyle is laidback, relaxed and you will always feel welcome in the community. If you love spending time outdoors, there are plenty of parks and land for you to camp, spend time with friends and family and to just enjoy nature.

West Linn Real Estate

You won’t find two homes that look the same in the West Linn community. Each home has its own unique character and personality. Being a historic town, West Linn is full of special traits that stand out and shine through the homes in the area. If you are unsure of whether you want to live in a historic neighborhood or an area of new homes, West Linn is the place for you because it offers a blend of both. The historic homes are found closer to the river and many buyers have renovated historic homes.

The Wilamette Neighborhood is the largest of the 11 neighborhoods in West Linn with over 6,000 residents and 12 blocks of historic commercial and residential properties.

The newer properties are located in the hills. Homes in the hills have amenities such as formal dining rooms, 3-car garages, grand kitchens and formal dining rooms. Many of these homes also have incredible views.

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