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Peter Drummen

We initially choose Mark because his profile showed that he was successful. We were down from Seattle to look at our house and decide if we should sell it to invest in another project. We needed Marks help to determine the approx. selling price and what work would be required to show the house. Mark dropped everything to meet us there. He was very resourceful in helping us come up with the big picture and to create win-win solutions for our tenants and ourselves, so that we were able to list the house in the shortest time possible. Since we were from out of town, Mark helped us find contractors to repair, remodel, paint, carpet and do lawn improvements. He went out of his way to research the market so we could offer the house at the right price. In the end, Mark ended up finding a buyer that made us an as- is offer before the house listed, and even before most of the planned work was completed. We got our money out even faster than we thought possible and believe that we sold our house for going market rate. Mark was proactive on our behalf and ahead of the game every step of the way. A big THANK YOU to Mark Ross for going above and beyond.


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