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Portland’s Best Frozen Treats

With the 4th of July next week and summer in full swing, it’s time we talk about one of summer’s most controversial topics: Where to get the best ice cream. Portland is anything but shy when it comes to adventurous foods, so here are some of the most notable summer dessert destinations in the area.


Salt and Straw


The VooDoo Donuts of Portland ice cream, Salt and Straw is a must try. Now with several locations throughout the region, Salt and Straw is convenient to check out and never disappoints.




Cloud City


Local favorite, simple and always sweet, Cloud City has been serving homemade style ice cream since 2011. You’ll be hard pressed to find a ‘Favorite Ice Cream Spots’ in the Portland area that don’t include this place.




Mo Cha


For tea and dessert fans, definitely check out Mo Cha. Mo Cha will offer you a little bit of a different ice cream/ shaved snow cream experience if you are looking for something other than your standard waffle cone.




Ome Calli


Family owned and offers a wide variety of Mexican frozen treats. What more could you ask for? Don’t forget to try their signature Chamoyada (a popular treat in Mexico), a type of shaved ice with pickled plum sauce, a frozen pop dunked in the ice, and extra treats on the side.




Zero Degrees


Asian-Hispanic fusion sundays, slushies, floats and more. With fun and varied flavors, Zero Degrees is idea for families and groups who all want different things.






If gelato is more your thing, Pinolo has got you covered. Made fresh daily, Pinolo does this Italian dessert right and even goes on to offer dairy and gluten free options.



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